A Guide To Cat Care

March 18, 2018

in Cat Care

by Winston Hill

Although your cat may act independent and be litter-trained they still rely on you for regular veterinary care, safe shelter, water, food and etc. By taking care of there essential needs you’ll be in a much better place to develop a rewarding and mutual relationship.

It’s important that your cat’s ID and collar tag include your name, address and telephone number. You should make sure they have one for the simple reason that if they do find themselves outside and lost then having the ID tag and collar will help them return home.

Your cat should be kept indoors when possible. This is best for the community, your cat and you when you keep your cat safely confined at all times.

Make it a point to get your cat neutered or spayed. This will assist in reducing the problem of cat overpopulation and will keep them healthier.

It is up to you to train your cat from doing things you don’t like like jumping on counter tops and scratching furniture. They can be trained like any other pet if you also keep in mind a bit of understanding, effort and patience when doing so.

Make it a point to groom your cat often to keep their coat soft and shiny and healthy. Brush your cat’s hair often to keep it from getting matted. This one action alone will help your cat lower hairball creation. These are created when cats groom themselves and in the process swallow a lot of hair.


In closing just remember to be patient and loyal with your cat. Also remember that the majority of behavior problems can be resolved and make sure you have reasonable expectations of your cat’s behavior. Contact the local animal shelter or veterinarian if you are having major issues with your cat’s behavior.

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