Cat lovers are all over the world and it’s no wonder. Cats are self sufficient and affectionate pets that give love as good as they get it. When choosing a cat, specifically a purebred, it’s important to do a bit of studying on each of the breeds. One of the more popular breeds of today are the rare mink Ragdoll kittens.

The Ragdoll breed of cats began in the sixties by a woman named Ann Baker. She was already professionally and successfully breeding Persian cats and began to take an interest in Burmese and Birman or ‘Sacred’ cats. By mixing these breeds, she began the start of the Ragdolls. Ragdolls have many characteristics from each of these breeds but now have a specific genetic bloodline all their own. The rarer lines of non-pointed and mink breeds still don’t always breed true. Each litter from a Mink mother may have only a few of the rare mink ragdoll kittens in it.

Ragdoll cats come in a variety of types. There are traditional ragdolls, which are both solid or pointed breeds, as well as non-traditional ragdolls. The non-traditional ragdolls are non-pointed and mink breeds. All ragdoll cats will have one of several traditional colours and patterns. Unlike other ragdolls, rare mink ragdoll kittens are born with their colour showing. The rest of the litter will be white and come into colour as they grow. This makes it easy to pick a mink kitten out of a group of ragdolls.

Traditional ragdoll patterns can be very diverse. Colour point ragdolls will have no white on them whatsoever. The ‘point’ refers to points of their features like ears and nose, paws and tail, that will show the colour that the cat is, while the rest of the body is a lighter shade. Mitted cats will have white paws and boots with the rest of their legs being black. They will also have a white chin and ‘bib’ or front chest area. Bi-colour patterned kittens, whether rare mink ragdoll kittens or pure traditional ragdoll, will have an inverted V on their faces with white legs, chins and bibs.

There are many colours that ragdoll kittens can have. The chocolate or seal points will have varying shades of brown on the tips of their ears and on their legs and faces. They can also be ‘blue’ which means they are a shade of grey, or ‘lilac’ which makes them a pale shade of rosy beige. Some of them can be cream, or blue/cream or ‘flame’, which is a cream that is almost reddish in colour. Rare mink ragdoll kittens have their colouring at birth, which makes them easy to spot.

The one thing that ragdoll kittens do not share is eye colouring. Traditional ragdoll cats will have blue eyes, often called grey. Solid ragdolls can have several different eye colours and can even have two different coloured eyes. The rare mink ragdoll kittens though will always have blue green, green blue or better defined as aqua eyes.

It might not yet be apparent why the ragdoll breed of cats are called ‘ragdoll’. Part of this name has to do with their colouring, which seemed at the time to mimic that of the old dolls made of rags that girls used to cherish. The other reason is how they behave. Ragdolls are very docile and loving cats, who often go limp or floppy when held up for display by their owners. They are in general very social creatures and do not enjoy being left alone.

It is always good to research animal breeds before buying a kitten, puppy, or any future pet. Rare mink ragdoll kittens are very popular, and seemingly becoming less and less rare as their notoriety grows. Their fur is as soft as mink fur, hence the name, and with their charming personalities, they make for great pets.

Learn more about rare mink Ragdoll kittens. Stop by Cokls Ragdoll’s site where you can find out all about this wonderful breed.

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