Ragdoll kittens are a specific breed of cat that have placid and friendly natures. The nature of Ragdoll kittens makes them very popular cats although at first there was quite a lot of controversy about the cat.

The Ragdoll is specifically bred for its calm, gentle nature. It is a very popular choice amongst pedigree cats. When Ragdolls were first bred there was a lot of stories and myth surrounding the cat.

A Ragdoll cat goes limp and floppy when picked up although this tendency is more pronounced in mature cats rather than Ragdoll kittens. The Ragdoll loves the play and does not use its claws in an aggressive way during play. They are the perfect pet for children since they are so placid and not aggressive.

The Ragdoll is one of the biggest cat breeds with a solid body and legs. The cat is sturdy and solid to look at. They are not very active and like to spend long amounts of time sleeping. The Ragdoll is said to have come from the Persian and Birman breed. As one of the biggest domestic cats, male Ragdolls can often weight over 25 pounds.

It is far better to buy two Ragdolls than introduce one at a later date. If you are a person that won’t be at home a lot then it is important to provide company for your Ragdoll. These cats don’t like to be on their own and feel very depressed when left for long amounts of time on their own.

The gentleness of this cat makes people attracted to it. It is bred for its gentleness and calm manner. Most Ragdoll cats are not lap cats and won’t sit in your lap, but you probably would not want them to due to their size. However when you pick the Ragdoll cat up in your arms they flop. Ragdolls are independent cats that do things on their own terms and tend to dictate to their owners what they want. Despite the fact that they are independent they can still be trained to perform a number of tricks. They might not be as easy to train as some other cats, but the fact remains that they can still be trained. Ragdolls like to be rewarded and praised for good behaviour. They learn to recognise their owners voices very quickly.

If a Ragdoll is unhappy they will let you know. They are quite fussy eaters and once they have been given a particular food then they like to keep to it. It is probably better if you can put your Ragdoll cat on a food that is dry since this promotes better health.

Due to the Ragdolls playful nature especially as a kitten they like to play with anything that moves. Ragdoll cats are very good at finding small creatures like mice or frogs and won’t think twice about playing with them. Ragdolls are so passive that if another animal attacked them they would probably not be able to defend themselves. Some owners make an outside run so that the cat can get some fresh air in safety.

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