3 Top Carpet Options for Inside Pets

January 28, 2010

in Cats

Selecting a sort of flooring could be a great decision for those who are searching for certain features. Carpet is a popular choice for many people, preferring it over area rugs, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile. Carpet adds comfort to any room and it feels warm and cozy under bare feet. But let us not forget about our pets! Indoor pets are folks’s companions, chums and members of their family. We love them indoor – with us. So to select the best fiber type carpet that will last and still look good for the family and indoor pets, keep reading!

Recycled Fiber is carpet which has been made of recycled plastics. More and more carpet today is being made from polyethylene terephthalate. Big words for large results! This is wonderful carpet for indoor pets as it is extremely resistant to high traffic, it’s static resistant and best of all, water resistant! No more stains, no more’wet patch’ looks and no electrical shocks! For the stated reasons, Recycled fiber is rated as the best fiber type carpet to have in the home with indoor pets. Maybe sometime shortly they’ll come out with Recycled fiber area rugs!

The second most popular fiber type carpet purchased in the carpet industry – Nylon. Nylon type carpet is the most well liked kind of carpet that is purchased for residential homes. It claims ninety percent of the market! It’s producing strategy and quality varies in style as it does with prices. This kind of carpet does very well with a house full of kids and indoor pets. It’s highly resilient under traffic and it resists marking and soiling. It’s often sold as complete flooring or you can get nylon fiber area rugs too.

Third best would become the next highest bought sort of carpet – Olefin. Olefin fiber carpet is made from polypropelene. Polypropelene is one of the fibers that is sometimes used to make carpet. Like nylon, it too is tough under traffic and it resists staining and soiling too. This kind of carpet can work well for families with indoor pets as it’ll last for several years. This is typically acquired for commercial purposes.

As an example, lots of business offices have this type of carpet. It’s highly durable and though it’s purchased for commercial use, it’s superb for indoor pets too.

Carpet comes in many differing sorts and styles and colors. Selecting one to cater to the wants of housing indoor pets needs some research so you know which one will be offering low maintenance, resists stains and will last a life-time!

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