A Cat Scratching Post is the Answer When Your Cat Has Gone Rogue!

January 9, 2010

in Cats

When your cat is scratching or spraying your furniture, you may think he/she has “gone rogue”. But really there are some serious needs involved. In both cases kitty needs to claim the furniture as her own. But when your cat is scratching your furniture there are some additional physical needs that she is trying to meet.

Cats claws are made to grip and hold their prey. The claws grow continuously, and are designed to be kept in shape by being worn down. Cats NEED to scratch to remove the outer dead layer of the claw, and allow the new nail to grow. If there is no place to scratch, the cat may either take it out on your furniture or try to actually chew off the old claw sheath. And your cat needs to stretch out those back muscles too!

Even if your kitty IS just meeting a real physical need to scratch, if you choose the right piece of cat furniture, you will find that destructive scratching need not be a problem. The key is to find a sturdy cat tree, cat scratching post, or other cat furniture that allows kitty to stretch, scratch, exercise and nap.

So how do you choose just the right piece of cat scratching furniture? It is a good idea to get it to be tall enough for kitty to stretch out to full length when scratching. That would usually be about 4 feet. There should be a rough surface such as rope or sisal to help clear the nail sheath. Placement of the new furniture is important too. Kitty will want to be near enough to you to be part of the family, not off in some far part of the house. A sprinkling of catnip will also do wonders to entice kitty to her new furniture!

Cat scratching furniture comes in many styles, from a simple sisal scratching post to elaborate cat towers with climbing, scratching, and napping areas. Let your imagination go and find the just right piece of cat scratching furniture for your home and your cat!

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