A Guide to Bringing Your New Pet Guinea Pig Home and Making It Part of the Family!

September 1, 2009

in Cat Health

If you want a pet that isn’t too big, doesn’t take too much looking after and is still fun, calm and friendly then a pet guinea pig is the perfect choice! They are great for those who aren’t yet ready for a cat or a dog, however they still need a certain degree of space and specialised care to keep them happy and healthy. Just use this article as a guide to what challenges you’ll face with your new pet.

Getting Your Supplies Ready

Before buying your new pet guinea pig it’s important to learn a little about what you’ll need to take care of them. Though the expense won’t be too high, you are taking on a degree of responsibility – and remember that guinea pigs will usually live between 5 and 7 years. In general you’ll need to get food and water ready, a home for them, a toy, a nice place to sleep and bedding.

Your Pet Guinea Pig is Part of the Family!

Just like you, they need space to eat, sleep and to move around. Its recommended that you give each guinea pig at least 2 square feet to run around in ” though youll probably need more since guinea pigs are best off in groups of two or more ” and the bigger cage you can get for them the better! They need the space to roam and enjoy their lives, and if you give them a comfortable home you can be sure they wont try to escape very often!

As well as the space to roam, try to give your new pet space to sleep and hide. A covered sleeping area is essential to make your guinea pig feel as comfortable as possible.

Helping Your Pet Get Used to Its New Home

One thing youll quickly learn about guinea pigs is that they scare easily. Hovering around their cage staring at them can cause them to panic ” so give them time to adjust to their new home and environment, and kneel down whenever you want to look at them.

In order to strengthen the bond with your new pet, always be gentle when it comes to stroking them. Once they get used to you it’s ok to pick them up and hold them. Just make sure to remember how delicate they can be, and always support their whole bodies.

Your pet guinea pig will soon be a firm part of the family. They make rewarding pets, they don’t bite and they really do love their owners. All it takes is a little time to get used to things.

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