A Guide To Dog Furniture

July 17, 2009

in Cats

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed an increase in dog stairs on the market. However, this type of dog furniture is not simply for pampering your pooch. Nope-it’s actually a SAFETY measure that pet owners are starting to see the importance of. Not only could your pet be spared a painful condition later in life, such as arthritis, but you can also prevent him from having a nasty fall resulting in a broken leg or rib.

Dogs are very loyal creatures, so they feel a duty to be with us, especially at night, but perhaps it isn’t just protectiveness that compels them to jump onto the bed and snuggle with their owner. Unfortunately, each time your dog jumps onto and off of a bed or other piece of furniture, his bones and joints are taking the shock of the movement, which can develop painful conditions. Pet steps are an excellent way to not only keep your dog’s bones and joints from future harm, but it’s also a nice way to keep your dog from pouncing onto the bed while you sleep.

Have you ever heard of a dog stroller? Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s much more handy than you might think! We’ve all seen celebrities toting their dogs around in handbags, but honest-how comfortable can that be for the dog? A pet stroller is created to mimic the cradle of a bed, which invites your pooch to take a nap while you get some exercise, go shopping, or run other errands.

Choosing furniture for your dog should take into consideration their personality, their height and their needs. A divided crate can be the perfect solution to allowing your puppy to learn the value of respecting your space and for house training. Some furniture for your dog is even fashioned with sensitivity to allergies and made from earth-friendly materials.

Today’s dog furniture is made not only to create a fashionable way to let your pet know you love them but to make them happy in their surroundings with special pieces of furniture designed to give them the opportunity to experience many happy times at home and when on the road.

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