A Guide To LitterMaid LM900 Kitty Litter Box

November 7, 2009

in Cats

One of the most popular cat automated litter box from LitterMaid series is The LitterMaid LM900. The litter box is perfect for folks who has large cat or has multiple kitties. This massive feline litter box ready to get rid of most odors while maintaining the litter to stay fresh. It is created of onerous plastic and measures 29 inches long, eight-seven/eight inches high, and sixteen-three/four inches wide.

What Does this Cat Litter Box Do? When your feline has done to use the device, a certain censor can be triggered. The sensors can sets a timer that counts off ten minutes, after that a rake can sweep the litter, moving out clumps and put them in a plastic section at end’s of the box.

The compartment is conserved mechanically until the next use, when the raking phase opens the compartment for another deposit. The disposable compartment measures of thirteen inches long, four inches wide, and 3,5 inches deep. The device is also prepared with carbon filters that control odor.

The LitterMaid LM900 is a home appliance no cat owner should be without. LitterMaid LM 900 will be plugged into electricity outlet (AC adapter included) or operated with eight D-cell batteries (put up for sale separated).

A sturdy rug ramp is integrated to lead your cat into the device and cleans its paws on the way out. When somethings gets within the way, for protection function, the rake can stop and reverses at very slight contact. If a cat get in to the device before the first ten minutes have elapsed, the timer will automatically resets.

The automatic cat litter box requires premium, clumping litter for acceptable function, but will not need as a lot of as a ancient box of the same size. The attachable litter tray can allow you to make it clean with ease.

Helpful Guidelines: -You’ll be able to line the waste container with a typical grocery plastic bag and change with new one when it becomes stuffed. This will enable you to use less waste containers, and saves your money in the long run. -Spread a layer of cooking oil on top of the litter box’s bottom part to cut back the litter adhesiveness before adding up litter.

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