A Healthy “Gato” Means Also A Healthy You.

September 11, 2009

in Cats

For these past few years, there is an obvious shift towards disease prevention in humans, how to keep fit, how to eat sensibly, get regular check-ups and hope nothing is wrong with the system and undergoing and doing all of these things can make one feel at ease, at peace and experience lesser risks from diseases. The same is true with animals especially cats. These purrty felines also need a lot of good health care, a lot of loving care and if you’re a cat owner and you don’t do some of these things to your cat, it will potentially be harmful to you, too, and you’ll get a lot of stress and you could be wasting a lot of valuable time and money, that is, if you do really care for these lovely pets 100%. So take a good look at cat health in depth.

Cats are known to be very flexible, super-careful and fluid with their movements. Even if you will throw them up in the air, they will land on their feet as easy as that with no harm done, not even a scratch. They can squeeze into tiny holes or opening even without damaging their hair. Cats are ninjas of the animal world but even the strongest, fieriest and fluid ninja warrior are vulnerable to wounds.

There was once a neighbor who owns 2 cats and the younger one recently died from tetanus. But before that fateful day, Nida, not her real name, have observed how her little Dorothy was limping whenever she walked and when she finally settle down to take a rest, she would lap at her right paw for minutes and sometimes, it would take an hour before she finishes with her licking and her lapping.

Nida was not worried even just for a bit because she thought it was natural for cats to lap their paws which is really a natural way.

Every night, you have to keep kitty indoors or else you could be walking thousands of miles looking for him not knowing all the time that he is lying cold in a pavement just blocks away from your house. Every other day, make sure his litter box is wiped clean. If you don’t clean it, he won’t use it and when he won’t use it, he will pee anywhere or won’t pee at all and this can cause infection inside him.

And you have to see to it that you give him good quality food to keep him healthy and help him fight disease and illnesses.

Now, this is very important among other important things. Create good bonding relationship with your tabby friend. Play with him. Go and chase mice with him. A friend once had a great time with his cat when they “search and destroy” mice under the sofa, oven toaster and anywhere else. This will also help him keep fit and fight stress.

For all the cat lovers out there, when you see your tabby friend licking its paws and although you might find it normal or natural for them to do that, never hesitate to check and see if something is causing all those lapping and licking. It never hurts to learn more “cat health paw” information and that could save or ruin your cat’s life. You cat is always the outgoing type and you will never know what hit them or what they will hit, right?

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