A Modern Cat Scratching Solution For Indoor Cats

June 21, 2010

in Cats

When we think about cats, their fascinating mysterious nature is one of the first things that comes to our mind. After all, the more unpredictable they are, the more we love them! Kitties are not just lazy pets who adore to take a nap on your favorite pillow. They are also fierce hunters, relentless predators and great explorers!

If you have a cat, you’re already familiar with many aspects of the feline nature. You know that besides being fluffy and cuddly, your kitty also has needs and instincts. One of these instincts, formed millions of years ago in order to ensure the animal’s survival, is the urge to scratch.

Do you know why you kitty loves to scratch your belongings? Trust me, she doesn’t do it in order to annoy you. Cat scratching has many vital purposes: sharpening the claws and keeping them in good hunting shape; marking the territory, thus communicating with other animals; and finally – stretching and exercising.

People have befriended cats thousands of years ago. In older times, when everybody lived ‘at the countryside’, cats could go in and out whenever they wanted, not to mention that many cat owners didn’t allow their pets inside their homes. In such conditions, cats could perform their scratching routine naturally – mostly by climbing trees. The modern city lifestyle changed everything. We can’t allow our kitties to circulate freely on the streets – it’s too dangerous! What choice do they have but scratching our furniture and climbing our curtains?

Are you one of those cat owners who punish their pets or try to train them to stop scratching? It’s a totally wrong attitude! Don’t waste time and effort in a useless battle against your cat’s nature. Instead, let’s find a compromise that will satisfy both you and your furry friend.

The cat scratching posts are specially created to meet the needs of ‘modern’ cats. Even if you live in a suburb, you still may want to invest in such a product – your kitty could feel the need to scratch even after a long outdoor expedition!

By installing a scratching post, you’ll finally have some peace of mind: your furniture will remain unscratched, your kitty will be calm and content by always having an appropriate surface at her disposal and your relationship will become more harmonious!

Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of the online market, we can browse thousands of products before choosing the one that’s best for our needs. There are many available types of cat scratching posts: simple ones – made from a plywood base and a sisal-covered post; more complex models – covered with carpet or cardboard, maybe having some toys attached; and the fascinating cat trees, condos and gyms – a dream come true for any playful kitten!

When you buy the post, there are two main things you need to check: the height and the sturdiness. If the post is too short, your kitty will not be able to stretch while scratching. It should be taller than your cat when she’s standing on her hind legs. On the other hand, if the post is not sturdy enough, it will easily collapse. You can bet that your furry friend will not enjoy scratching such an ‘unfriendly’ post!

Place the post near the places that the kitty likes to scratch – the sofa, the wooden desk and so on. In order to redirect the scratching towards the post, cover with sticky tape the surfaces you want to protect and praise your cat each time she scratches the post.

Cats don’t need only love and cuddles in order to be our friends and companions. If you respect and understand your pet’s natural needs, you’ll show her that you can be trusted and respected as well!

If your furnishings look like they’ve survived an epic battle and your curtains are shredded, it’s time to buy your kitty a new scratching toy! Make sure you read Lauren Brooks’ article about the cat scratching post in order to save your peace of mind and your home from your furry friend’s claws!

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