A Pet Guide: Choosing The Right Pet Stairs

July 20, 2009

in Cats

Decorative pet stairs are are a terrific way to help aid your pet in everyday activity. They are particularly wonderful for smaller or elderly pets, however they can be a great benefit to pets of all sizes. As pets jump onto and off of a bed, sofa, or other piece of furniture, the impact it exerts onto their joints can cause severe problems later in life. Pet steps are a great preventative for that!

The price of pet steps tends to vary from one extreme to the other, depending upon the material and aesthetic appeal you prefer. Pet steps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including large pet stairs, stairs with storage compartments built-in to the base, and even some which are accented with decorative moldings. There is a set of steps available for every person’s taste, whether you want extreme durability, easy-to-store functionality, or a stylish set of stairs to match your interior decorations.

Some decorative pet steps are collapsible while others are solid in structure. Collapsible pet steps are often constructed of polyurethane or other plastic material. However, some collapsible models are made of canvas or carpet stretched over a frame. Sturdy structure pet steps may be constructed of plastic or wood.

Pet stairs also vary depending upon the amount of steps they consist of. Some models have two steps, some three, and some have up to even six steps. Pet steps also vary with regards to the amount of weight they are able to support. Solid wood construction would support more weight than pet steps made of a plastic frame, of course. Some pet steps offer more surface area on the stairs for larger animals. A few models are also made for use with an automobile. You may also find designs of pet steps for bed climbing assistance.

While the choices are vast, there is definitely a set of steps out there that are a perfect suit for your and your pet. If it helps, make a list of your pet step requirements, as mentioned before, height, weight restriction, and material, and keep hunting until you find the right steps for your pet.

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