A Simple Guide To Buying A Dog Kennel

January 24, 2010

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Buying a dog kennel can be a daunting task for some, especially if this is your first time or even your first pet experience. It really isn’t that hard to find one that’s right for your dog, the most important factor is obviously going to be the size of your dog. Is it a small breed or large? Is it a puppy or full grown? All of these matter when making an investment in a dog kennel as you should buy one that your dog will feel comfortable in and therefore will not mind traveling in it. A good rule of thumb for kennel size is that a dog should be able to walk into a kennel and turn around completely without much resistance from the walls.

Dogs naturally like to climb or even jump on walls. It’s part of their genetics. So in the same way that a dog might jump up on a gate to investigate a new noise, they will also try to jump up or even cling to the sides of the kennel. Keep this in mind when looking at kennel sizes as the height of the kennel walls is just as important as the width. If you dog happens to be an avid climber (typically most puppies are), then account for this by getting a slightly higher ceiling than you normally would have.

Local regulations will sometimes play a part in what type of dog kennel you should purchase. In some states, there are some restrictions put up by local authorities regarding placement of dog kennels on one’s property. Local ordinances might require you to ensure the kennel is positioned a long distance from property lines. The laws might also define the space that you should dedicate for the kennel in your home. Make sure you understand the laws that apply in your area as the last thing you’d want your friends to find out about is that not only do you have to return your new dog kennel, but that you also have to pay a fine because of it.

Not all dog kennels are the same. Some can be used as a permanent living area for your dog while others are designed strictly for short-term traveling. Before you buy your first dog kennel, take into account how long you think your dog will be using it. There are many different kennel variations as well as substantial differences in price when you start comparing long-term dog kennels over ones designed purely for traveling, so make sure to include the length of use in your purchasing decision.

If you plan on keeping your new kennel outside then try to place it in a spot that has natural shade. The roof of your kennel should reflect where you plan on storing it. Just like with your own home, a better roof means better insulation from the heat & elements.

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