A Small Lesson In Getting Rid Of Fleas

December 19, 2009

in Cat Health

Being a responsible pet owner means that you must take your pet’s health and welfare seriously. One such aspect that must be taken very seriously is the inevitable experiences with dog fleas. Dog fleas can seriously affect your pet’s health. Your dog’s ability to get a good sleep will be hampered. In addition, the itching and biting can take a serious toll on your dog’s coat and skin.

The first steps involve ridding your pet of fleas. The next steps involve ridding your pet’s environment of fleas. If you do not get rid of fleas in your home, your pet will quickly get re-infested. Once you have gotten rid of fleas on your pet and cleaned your home of fleas, you should take some preventative steps. These last steps will minimize your pet’s chances of getting fleas in the future.

Thankfully, ridding your pet of fleas has gotten easier. There are now readily available products that can be applied to your pet’s coat. These products, including Frontline and Advantage, can rid your pet of fleas within 2-3 days. You simply apply a small amount of the solution to the back base of the animal’s neck. With natural scratching and licking your animal will spread this solution around their entire body. The solutions are non-toxic and very effective.

There are also ways to get rid of fleas naturally. More common methods include rubbing olive oil on to your pet’s skin. Working from the head to the tail, the olive oil drowns the fleas. Of course, this method can prove to be expensive for larger animals. A similar method uses baby powder or talcum powder.

Pay close attention to the areas in your house in which your pet sleeps or passes his day. These areas will, most definitely, have fleas. Vacuum every surface your pet may have come into contact with. If feasible try to steam clean your furniture and carpets using the hottest water possible. Make sure you wash all of the bedding, throw blankets, pillow covers etc. Once you have vacuumed, make sure you seal the vacuum bag and take it out of your house.

Once your pet and home are free of fleas you can take some steps to prevent future infestations. There are a number of ways to avoid future infestations. Some people add small amounts of garlic to their pet food. Other people like to douse a bandanna in citronella oil and tie it around the animal’s neck. There are also commercially available flea prevention medications that your pets can ingest once every few months. For more information on getting rid of fleas or flea prevention speak to your vet.

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