Adopting a Cat Or Buying One? What Is Best For You?

September 11, 2009

in Cats

When you are ready to include a magnificent feline into your family and life the question arises whether to purchase a cat, or to adopt one who is looking for a safe loving home. You can purchase a kitten or a retired breeder for a reputable breeder, or you can adopt a cat from the shelter or from a family who for whatever reason needs to relinquish their cat.

If your quest is to get a cat that you can show, a pedigree may be the best option, however, most organizations have a “household cat” category where you can show off your precious one.

Purchasing a cat from a breeder or pet store comes with some benefits. Many of these places offer guarantees and documentation which allows you to not submit your cat to shows and to use your cat for breeding purposes, but for some people it’s a matter of status.

Some people are very set on a particular breed. Or a particular personality trait. One way to get what they want is to buy a cat from a breeder, however, most cat breeds are available for adoption, and getting the personality you want may be easier with an adult cat than with a kitten.

Choosing to adopt a cat means that your options are wide open. An added advantage is also that cats waiting for a home will already have lived in one and information about their behavior will most likely be available.

Many of the cats at the shelter come witha full history. Important information as to how they deal with children or other pets, such as your dog. Adopting a cat in the shelter also mean you have given a precious feline another lease at a great life. With all the cats at shelters, millions of them are euthanized each year. Saving a cats life can be very gratifying.

You can also find a cat that is looking for a new family by scouting the ads in the local papers. Or post a notice in your local grocery store. Many cats have to be relinquished due to a divorce, allergies, death of the owner, changed living conditions, etc.

The advantage of adopting from a shelter is that you are more assured to know any health issues prior to deciding to adopt. Adopting privately means you do not know if the cat has any health issues that may end up being expensive, both financially and emotionally.

If you are indecisive whether you should adopt a kitty, or purchase one from a breeder, do not worry. Cats have an uncanny way of coming into our lives in just the perfect way. You can start exploring both options, and before you know it your absolutely purrfect furbaby will find you.

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