Adopting a Cat Or Buying One? What Is Best For You?

May 3, 2019

in Cats

When the time comes to welcome a cat into the family, the question of whether to purchase a cat from a breeder or pet store or to instead adopt a cat from another family or an animal shelter can come up.

If your quest is to get a cat that you can show, a pedigree may be the best option, however, most organizations have a “household cat” category where you can show off your precious one.

There are different advantages to getting your cat from either a shelter or a breeder. Breeders will give you a guarantee and the kitten will come with a wellness check by a veterinarian. You may be restricted in showing, and most certainly breeding. Getting a cat from the shelter assures that cats has been screened for some diseases and you will also most likely get a history about the cat.

Some cat owners swear by certain breeds with regards to a good temperament or healthy constitution, and the only way these folks can be guaranteed that they are getting exactly the breed of cat they want is by purchasing one that has accompanying documentation. For some people, this is the only way they would consider bringing a cat into their home.

Adopting a cat does not reduce the possibilities of getting the kind of cat you are wanting. All kinds of cats in just about all breeds are available for adoption. A plus to adopting a cat that has had a previous owner is that they are already litter box trained, and it is easier to get a feel for their personality when they are past the kitten stage.

Not only do cats at shelters come with a medical history, along with information about how they deal with young children or other pets or cats, adopting a cat, giving it a safe loving home is a particularly heartwarming thing to do, knowing that you just may have rescued this cat from death.

Not all adopted cats come from shelters. Some people have to give their cats away for whatever reason – allergies develop, moving to another city, financial problems – so if you peruse the pet ads within a local newspaper you’ll probably find an impressive selection of cats looking for new homes.

The advantage of adopting from a shelter is that you are more assured to know any health issues prior to deciding to adopt. Adopting privately means you do not know if the cat has any health issues that may end up being expensive, both financiall and emotionally.

Some struggle with the decision of whether to rescue a cat at the shelter, or to purchase one from a breeder. Rest assured that once you do decide to get a cat, one will find you. Cats are just like that. You can start your search, investigating your options, and before you know it “your” cat will appear.

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