All About Rabies And Getting Bitten By An Aggressive Dog

November 1, 2010

in Cat Health

Dogs can make good pets. In fact, they are considered to be man’s best friend. But what if man’s best friend suddenly turns against you and tries to attack you? I bet you can easily handle a small dog such as a Chihuahua or a Spitz. But what if your attacker is a trained Doberman or Rottweiler?

When attacked by a dog, do not panic. I know this may sound foolish but if the dog notices that you are fearful it will all the more try to attack you. Most importantly, never attempt to run away. A dog will never say no to a good chase. Stay still and completely motionless. Doing this will make the dog lose interest on you.

If standing still doesn’t make the dog go away and it still tries to advance on you, look away. Looking a large dog in the eye is also a way of saying that you are the same level as him – an alpha dog. That will make matters worse. By looking away or looking down instead, you can convince the dog that you are no real threat.

When matters get out of hand and the dog suddenly jumps on you to try to bite you, do your best not to attempt to fight back. Keep your arms between the dog and your chest or face. Pushing the dog away will just increase the dog’s agitation. Most importantly, never give the dog the chance to take a bite of your fingers by clenching your hands into a fist.

If the dog manages to knock you down on the ground, don’t try to get up. Do you best to lay motionless and make sure you crawl yourself into a ball. Use your hands and arms to cover your face and neck and your knees to cover your mid section. Your attacker might just lose interest when it sees you there lying motionless.

The best thing to do when attacked by a dog is to convince it that you’re not a threat. You can do that by not attempting to run or fight back. In order to stay safe, avoid places in your area that are known to be infested by aggressive dogs.

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