All Natural Dog Food

October 24, 2009

in Cat Health

Dog food that contains natural or organic ingredients is often marketed as all natural dog food. Having all natural ingredients does not automatically make dog food healthy for dogs. Therefore, this phrase is sometimes misleading.

Artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and preservatives are common ingredients in many commercial dog foods. All natural dog food is not contain these ingredients. Several small dog food manufacturers produce natural dog food.

If the dog food claims to be natural, does not necessarily make it healthy for dogs. For example, a dog food that consists of corn and other grains and no protein could be labeled as all natural if it only contains grains, but a diet such as this can be detrimental to the dog’s health.

Dog owners need to consider what the ingredients are and not be solely concerned with whether or not the ingredients are natural. The healthiest dog food is a meat-based dog food. Dogs diet should not consist only of meat, but should contain a significant percentage of meat.

There are many different forms of healthy dog food with quality ingredients that are beneficial to dogs. A dog owner can look for a commercial food that has organic ingredients and is a good source of protein from meat.

All natural dog food can also be made by the dog owner. Many dog owners enjoy making homemade dog food or feeding their dogs a raw food diet. This gives the dog owner control over which ingredients are in the dog’s food and the quality of the ingredients.

The majority of a dog’s food should be protein from meat. This is true whether the dog owner decides to feed the dog homemade dog food or buy commercial dog food.

Some vegetables and grains for carbohydrates are often recommended as part of the dog’s diet. A variety of foods in a dog’s diet can help ensure that the dog the proper vitamins and minerals. Meat should still remain the main ingredient of the dog’s diet.

If a dog owner decides to make homemade dog food, the dog owner should make sure that they know which foods can be toxic to dogs. Chocolate, onions, avocado, coffee, and raisins are some examples of foods that should not be put in homemade dog food. A dog owner should feel free to ask the veterinarian any questions the dog owner may have about the dog’s diet.

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