Alleviation From Hypersensitivity To Dogs And Cats

May 10, 2010

in Cats

Cat Allergy is a very widespread hypersensitivityreaction in Western countries and more than 15 pct of the population sustain from sensibility to cat. The glycoprotein Fel d1 that exists in the cat’s fur, dander and saliva, is what produces the reactions of cat allergy.

A cat allergy response secretes histamine, which leads to symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, pruritus nasal congestion, rash, sneezing, and watery eyes or nose.

The glycoprotein Fel d 1, acknowledged as the cat allergen is small (10 percent of the size of a dust allergen), airborne particle that circulates easy and has a capacity to be almost everywhere.

The allergen are found in the dander and saliva of the dogs and activates the hypersensitivity towards dogs.

Symptoms of a typical hypersensitised reaction for dogs is characterised by coughing, itchiness, rhinal blockage, rash, watery eyes and sternutation.

You should always minimize the exposure to cats and dogs. Try to refrain touching your eyes and rinse your hands often. Minimize furniture materials, rugs and curtains which cat allergens may otherwise easily collect. Refrain having your cat/s or dog/s in all locations, in particular in the bedchambers. Vacuuming frequently with a hepa filter and utilize an air filter, at least in the chamber.

Bathe and brushing your cat often which will decrease the concentration of allergen. Always try to breathe in- and out by the nose.

Supplements that are frequently prescribed for Cat- and dog allergy is Quercetin and Bromeline. Homeopathic remedies such as Arsenicum album or Arsenicum iodatum are also oftentimes used.

As a complement to the above techniques and remedies, you should try to change your dieting according to your bloodtype which can be very beneficial. For more ideas, google the magnificent “Peter d’Adamo”.

There are particular subspecies of both cats and dogs that are aforementioned to be less damaging for people with formed allergies. Unluckily it is highly individual why such a guaranty is quite speculative. Just by slight adaptations named you may get the effect wanted.

The Writer Bjorn Lundberg has 15 years experience of handling allergies. The methods are a mixture between diet advice, yoga stances, ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies. His clinic is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and down below are two of his allergy websites; Hundallergi and Kattallergi.

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