An Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box-Problem Free Cat Litter Cleaning For Your Cat

March 11, 2010

in Cats

Self cleaning cat litter boxes and also as they are known as the automatic cat litter boxes provide anyone hassle-free cleaning of one’s cats litter. Since self cleaning cat litter boxes happen to be launched newly in the market place and therefore are not very well-known however, you won’t find a great number of manufacturers and / or different varieties with regard to these.

With almost all models all you’d have to do manually is usually to change the waste container one time per week (if you’ve 1 average size cat). The actual cats waste is going to be automatically raked into a sealable container 10 minutes after he/she has ended using it.

Along with this, it automatically halts the cleaning rake if something touches it even slightly. These kinds of Two functions guarantee that absolutely no harm is actually done to any cat and / or anybody else. As you would most likely guess, self cleaning cat litter boxes can be priced higher compared with standard trays.

If you’re contemplating about selecting a self cleaning cat litter box, just remember 1 point – you might face difficulty in training your cat to use it. A good number cat owners that have tried self cleaning boxes tend to be incredibly pleased with them. Various owners on the other hand, find that their cats basically can’t get on them. Here is a detail by detail guide which can be helpful to you in doing so:

1) Cats like to visit the toilet in privacy and thus place the actual box in a quiet area.

2) You don’t have to make your cat visit the toilet. Simply just get him/her in there and praise, to ensure that he/she will be encouraged to do this always.

3) Try to remember to not ever get irritated at the cat plus remain calm in the course of the process. If your cat goes to the toilet and also does not use your litter box, you could possibly lift the excrement and place it in to the litter box. You may have to do this for the initial few days and sooner or later your cat will learn.

A large amount of models have a twin operating power method that’s they can be plugged in to a wall socket or even operated by batteries. Self cleaning cat litter boxes aren’t extremely quiet and sometime will be required for you to get used to them.

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