Animal Hospitals to Provide Rabies Cert, Cat Kennels, for Travel

September 3, 2016

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No matter your destination, when traveling in a foreign country with your pet dog, cat, ferret, bird, or other pet, doing your groundwork can make your trip with your furry friend a flawless one. A trip to your pet’s veterinarian for official procedure and other provisions will likely be in order.

First, every time traveling worldwide, always carry an international rabies documentation for the dog, cat, or ferret that’s with you. Your pet’s veterinarian should be totally familiar with this paper. The date of vaccination on the certificate must be within 30 to 365 days of your arrival on foreign soil. Fewer than 30 days, the vaccination may not be in complete effect. More than 365 days, and the inoculation may no longer be valid.

The Swiss Federal Veterinary Office in each region will also check to make sure that the rabies certification was issued in the district of your primary, or most recent, home.

Other requirements consist of ensuring that animals traveling with you do not number more than five, that they will not be sold, or possession otherwise transferred, once inside Swiss borders, and that they are planned to act exclusively as pets.

Importation of dogs with docked tails or cropped ears is prohibited.

An assessment fee of CHF 88 will be gathered for each imported cat, dog, or ferret at a customs locations or veterinary facility.

Rules also pertain to pets that are traveling back into Switzerland, but do not affect pets traveling by public road or railway from other places in Europe.

Complete requirements for specific pets, including procedures and documentation, for travel to Switzerland as an individual with a pet can be found at the Swiss Customs site.

Swiss entrance regulations with a pet, as part of an intercontinental association can be found at the Swiss Mission site.

Customs regulations regarding importation of domesticated animals are in place for good reasons. Among which includes protection for you and your animal.

Whether visiting or moving to Switzerland, keep away from a travel nightmare by making total provisions for arrival with your pet. Associate your pet’s proper paperwork to your own passport. Not including it, you and your dog, cat, rabbit, or other travel companion will not be crossing the border jointly.

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