Animal Medicine – Helping Your Pet Stay Healthy

September 26, 2010

in Cat Health

Chances are you visit your doctor at least once every few years to make sure you’re still healthy. However, do you think about doing this for your pet as well?

Although perhaps once considered optional, today animal and pet medicines are moving into the mainstream. In fact, the pet health market has grown 9% in the last year, from 2009 through 2010. Among the most prevalent of animal medicine categories are those that deal with flea and tick prevention and treatment, and worming.

Although it’s wise to follow your vet’s advice when you determine what medicines your pet needs for a particular treatment, today, you can get many of these medicines through your local pharmacy, as opposed to getting them directly from your vet. This is certainly advantageous for pet owners who want to give their pets the best, but still save money at the same time.

Animal medicine wasn’t always a pharmacy proposition. Prior to 2005 you could only get medicines to treat your pet through your veterinarian. That year, many veterinary medicines were reclassified so that they could be sold through a pharmacy instead of only directly through your vet. Today, that market is worth more than 100 million, and is dominated by flea and tick care for cats and dogs.

More than half of all households in the UK keep pets – 8 million cats and 7 million dogs, to be exact – with only a fraction of those currently being treated with flea control. That potentially bodes great things for animal medicine’s profits, since encouraging pet owners to protect their pets can only mean market growth.

Could self-care mean pet care as well?

Because it’s estimated that half a million pet owners visit pharmacies on a regular basis for their own needs, the potential for the grwoth in animal medicine is promising. The thinking goes, if you’re stopping in to get something for your own health, why not pick up something for Fido or Fluffy, too?

Advice on which animal and pet medicines are best for you is available online. Log on or visit us in store to have your questions answered.

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