Are Anti-Allergy Air Purifiers Any Good?

May 5, 2010

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Are you one of the growing numer of people who suffer from an allergy? If you are then you have probably already tried several ways to control your allergy, but have you ever thought of using an anti-allergy air purifier? They are not that expensive, but the real question is, whether anti-allergy air purifiers work or not.

However, the answer to this question is not quite so easy. In brief and in general, yes, anti-allergy air purifiers do have the desired result, but there are a few catches. Not all substances that cause allergies are easy to trap and not all anti-allergy air purifiers are as good as each other. Furthermore, it takes different types of air purifiers to get rid of different allergens. You are unlikely to find one portable anti-allergy air purifier that will trap all allergens.

In short, anti-allergy air purifiers work by drawing in air from its surroundings and blowing it back out through a filter. Two things are important here: the volume of air that the pump can handle in an hour and the quality of the filter.

Therefore, it is important to buy a model with a high through-put and a high-quality filter and that filter has to be kept in shape by either cleaning or renewing it regularly.

However, not all anti-allergy air purifiers are intended to do the same job. Most anti-allergy air purifiers will eliminate dust, skin detritus, dust mites and dirt. On the other hand, second-hand tobacco smoke is better caught by liquid anti-allergy air purifiers and bacteria is killed only with a system which passes the air through ultraviolet light. However, this UV light must be at least 24,000 microwatts UVGI, or else it is practically worthless.

Airborne mold and mildew can be trapped with anti-allergy air purifiers that create ozone, although you should really call a contractor in to discover and alleviate the cause of the mold or mildew.

Once you have identified what you are allergic to and discovered what type of anti-allergy air purification system will eliminate that allergen, you have to decide whether you want a portable system or a whole house air purification system. Portable units are all right for one room, a caravan or a trailer or even a tent, but as soon as someone opens the door, you lose a lot of the air that you have scrubbed.

If you live in a house or apartment with several rooms, then the best choice is one of the many whole house anti-allergy air purifiers. The cheapest method of achieving this is to insert an anti-allergy air purifying unit into your existing central heating and or central cooling system.

This cuts costs by utilizing your existing ducting and existing blower. This allows more money to be spent on the filtration system and so, for between $300 and $1,000, you could clear your whole house of nearly all the common allergens.

These latter types of anti-allergy air purifiers really do work and are the most effectual defense against allergies on the market.

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