Are Free Cat Food Samples Beneficial?

July 10, 2009

in Cats

Small pouches or containers of cat food are sometimes given away as free cat food samples. Sometimes people enjoy looking for free samples to try new things and save a little bit of money. Free cat food samples offer the same benefits.

Cat food samples are often given away by cat food manufacturers. Cat food samples from manufacturers may be available to those who register on the manufacturers website or at a pet store where their cat food is sold.

The purpose of cat food samples is to entice new customers. The cat food manufacturers hope that the cat owners will buy the cat food.

Cat owners looking for free samples of cat food may want to start their search with a search engine. The search on a search engine like may show manufacturers who are giving away free cat food samples.

The websites of cat food manufacturers may have clubs for kitten owners or new cat owners. Often, a manufacturer will send cat care information, cat food samples, and cat food coupons to cat owners who join these clubs.

When a cat food manufacturer sells a new cat food product, the manufacturer often distributes free samples of the new cat food to those who request the sample on their website. If a cat owner notices a new cat food product advertised or in the store, the cat owner may want to check the manufacturers website for offers of free cat food samples.

The disadvantage of using cat food samples is that the samples are rather small. Therefore, the sample may only be one serving for a cat. If the owner gives the cat samples of cat food that is different from the cats usual food, the change in food may upset the cats stomach.

To prevent the cat from becoming ill due to frequently switching the cat’s food, the cat owner may add part of a dry cat food sample to the cat’s normal food. Therefore, the cat’s food is not being abruptly changed which can cause the cat to become sick.

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