Are You Betting Your Pet’s Life to Save a Few Dollars?

December 23, 2016

in Cats

You might have thought about getting an insurance for your pet but thought that it probably wasn’t worth the monthly fee and you will most likely be right some of the time. But not in every case and that is where the risk is.

Some pet owners that do not have the proper insurance lined up will find themselves looking don’t at their pets when the VET will have to give them the lethal injection because you can’t pay for their surgery and medication.

This is not a situation that any pet owner would like to find herself in and that is why you should read the suggestions below to see whether you have though about it enough and that you still would want to live without the insurance coverage.

Buying insurance is like playing the lottery. You can’t know upfront whether you’ll win or loose but if you don’t try you’ll definitely not win. If you have a good insurance policy and your pet gets badly injured you’re most likely going to benefit economically from having signed the contract. But sometimes nothing happens and you have paid the company a fee for “nothing”.

One of the most common reason that people take on pet insurance is that it provides them with a security. They know that if serious treatment is needed they’ll have the insurance company pay the larger part (if not all) of the bills. Huge medical bills are becoming everyday life and most people will try to avoid them.

Not being able to pay the medical bills is a terrible feeling and that is the second most common reason that pet owners will sign up for a pet insurance plan. You’ll often pay a small monthly fee in return for having the pet insurance company pick of the larger bills that might come.

It is one thing to get into an accident or to become ill but being healthy and fit is also a large part of living a great life and that is why most pet insurance packages today offer extra health benefits for the pet such as programs for optimal exercise and similar offerings.

Pet insurance is not for everyone and it never will be. Some like taking risks and they’ll sometime win and think that they made a great choice. And in the given situation they did. But if you look at all the people that took the same risks but failed you might want to ask yourself whether you want to bet your pets health on your luck?

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