Are You Concerned About What Your Cat is Eating?

May 13, 2013

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Although commercial cat food companies will use such terms as; super premium, premium, natural and quality, there are no legal or scientific definitions for those terms. When it comes to cat foods, the source of the ingredients (animal or plant) really does matter.

Have you attempted several ways to get your cat to lose weight but none have worked?

It’s probably safe to say that your cat is eating too much of the wrong foods and leads a sedentary life-style. Your cat needs exercise like – fetching a ball that you throw, climbing a tree or playing with toys. Do you think that cats need carbohydrate-laden snacks? Just like humans, this will cause obesity in your cat. Obesity in your cat is a sign of a serious problem. In order to keep him/her around, a change in your cat’s diet is necessary to avoid costly and serious illnesses.

Do you know what to change your cat’s diet too?

We should be reasonable when addressing this situation. Let’s consider our domestic cats’ origin. The wild cats of Africa is where our domestic cats descended. Thanks to Mother Nature, cats thrive in a desert climate.

Water is not plentiful in a desert environment. Mother Nature designed a cat in such a manner that he/she has a low thrist drive naturally. The cat is also an obligate carnivore – they have to have meat as that’s where cats derive their needed nutrients. The only plant food they eat is from the stomach of their prey.

Dry, processed and plant foods are not part of the cats’ evolutionary diet. Mother Nature designed cats in this manner because of their area of origin. Cats are obligate carnivores – they must eat meat. Their bodies are well designed to efficiently digest meat, bones and most bacteria.

In the desert, it’s a common occurance to see cats eating prey that’s infested with flies and other parasites.

Cats don’t normally eat plant food but after a kill, cats will eat the stomach content of their prey and in some cases berries, seeds and wild grass are found there. That’s the only time a cat will eat plant foods. Cats get moisture from their prey’s organ meat.

Since cats don’t have a high thirst drive, prolong use of dry food causes chronic dehydration, diabetes, urinary track problems, a weakened immune system and eventual death.

Who’s interest is best served when commercial cat food companies produce such low-grade foods?

Grains are less expensive than meat and to the dry foods, they add harmful preservatives. This is deadly for cats but high profits for the commercial cat food companies.

The commercial cat food companies claim their foods are wholesome, all natural, well-balanced and nutritious. However, their claims cannot be supported by science or common sense.

What foods are best for your cat?

Your cat should eat a diet that’s close to their predecessor’s diet. A raw meat diet is best. If any of the first five ingredients listed on the label is a carbohydrate, never purchase the food or feed it to your cat.

When purchasing food for your cat, always be mindful that cats are not humans. Our dietary requirements are different from cats. Return the love your cat has shown you and your family by feeding him/her food that is beneficial to them and enhance their longevity. By doing that, you will has greatly reduced the chance of your cat dying a premature death.

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