Are You Feeding Your Cat Safe Cat Food?

November 2, 2009

in Cats

With all of the cat foods that have been recalled, you’re probably wondering if your cat food is a safe cat food. While some cat food on the market today is safe the majority of the cat food actually does your cat more harm then good.

Not only does some of the major brands of cat food contain no nutrition but they may even contain poison. Animals that are put down at the pound by using poison are on of the many meat sources that are found in cat food.

The first thing to think about is that your cat is not supposed to eat other cats. The second problem is that the poison that is used to put down the animals could still be in active form in your cats food. The poison does not cook out of the pound animals even in high temperatures.

Anything that is on the dog or cat is also considered fair game to use as a meat source. This includes any metal id tags, flea collars, and even hair and teeth. Another meat source that is used is road kill that is to big to dispose of by digging a hole in the ground.

When processing meat for human consumption a big barrel is placed nearby. Anything that they cannot sell to humans goes into this barrel and it then goes on to be used in cat food. This could include cancerous tissue or even a puss filled cyst.

Basically they gives us diseased, dying, or dead animals as the meat source for cat food and the meat by products are not any better. That might be a very good reason why most cats die well before they should.

The more research I did on cat food the more shocked I became. I did not even want to touch my cats food let alone feed it to him.

All cat foods are not created equal. To insure that your cat is getting the nutrition he needs to live a long and healthy life it is suggested that cats should eat a combination of safe commercial cat food and a healthy homemade food.

Giving your cat homemade cat food is a great way to make sure your cat is living his life to the fullest. Don’t forget about your dog either. Make sure he is receiving homemade puppy food!

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