Are You Ready To Treat For The Ear Mites Cats Get

April 27, 2010

in Cats

Have you noticed that your cat is scratching his ears more than ever? Is your cat digging the blood literally out of the skin around his ears? If this is the kind of behavior that you are seeing from your cat, it is time to check for the kind of ear mites cats get.

The itching from ear mites can drive a cat crazy. There have been reports of serious damage caused from the scratching due to ear mites. These kinds of wounds can lead to severe infection in the areas where claws have been raking across. A cats claws are full of fecal germs that could set up a devastating infection in an open wound.

While stopping your cat from scratching may be impossible, you do have some control over where they are scratching. You need to get an Elizabethan collar from your vet as soon as you start treatment for ear mites. Your pet may look ridiculous and funny, but this way is super effective in preventing a cat from digging blood tout of their ears.

Luckily, there are numerous kinds of ear mite medications available over the counter. You can find them at pet stores and in feed and seed locales. You should always choose ivermectin or a pyrethrin based medication for the best results. You can also opt for natural remedies in those pets that have skin allergies to chemicals in flea and tick treatments.

How well you get your cats ears cleaned out before the first drops of medication are used is really important to how well the treatment works. If you do not know the correct way to clean your cats ears, then make an appointment for your vet to do it. Once you get the ears cleaned out you are free to begin the medicinal treatment.

Mites leave behind their excrement and food scraps as a form of waste. This is the black and tarry looking substances you see in your cats era when there is a mite infestation. Treatment usually takes three to four weeks. The drops must be applied at regular intervals everyday.

Your best bet for the complete protection your cat needs against parasites is to treat also for fleas and ticks when treating for ear mites. Many mites larvae spread to other parts of your pets body. You can get rid of these easily enough with the same product you use for ticks and fleas.

Don’t let your dog or cat suffer from ear mites. You have ear mites cats and ear mites in dogs treatment that has been tested by the professionals to be effective. Don’t you care about your dog and cats health?

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