Automatic Cat Litter Boxes And Why You Really Need One

February 3, 2010

in Cats

Automatic cat litter boxes or the self-cleaning boxes save you from the trouble of cleaning out the litter pan on a daily basis. They are of a fantastic help of to all cat owners. Since the automatic cat litter boxes are brand new available in the market, you probably won’t locate a large number of manufacturers and also several versions to choose from. But the fact remains that this boxis a good product that can help you eliminate the smell of your cats excretion as well as reducing the manual labour required.

As stated before, presently there are not a lot of brands. However, let us discuss few makes that you may would like to want to consider: CatGenie, Scoop Free, Litter Maid. With virtually all models the only manual work which you are needed to do is to change the waste container once each week, for people with one average size cat. Your cats waste will be immediately raked right into a sealable container Ten minutes after use. In addition, a safety bar instantly stops the cleaning rake with the slightest touch. These Two capabilities ensure that absolutely no harm is done to your cat or anyone else.

In general the amount of litter required by automatic cat litter boxes is lower when compared with that by regular litter trays of the same size. A large number of models have a dual operating power method that’s they can be plugged into a outlet or perhaps operated by means of battery power.

Expectedly, the purchase price of these boxes will be higher than for usual trays. While you are thinking of buying an automatic cat litter box, you should take into account that you’ll have to train your cat to make use of it correctly. Listed here is a step-by-step guide that may be helpful to you in doing this:

1) Site the litter box in a quiet spot. This is because the cats want to go to the toilet in privacy.

2) Help your cat to walk in to the box, when in praise them. There is no need to make your cat go to the toilet. Simply get him/her in there and praise, to ensure that he/she is encouraged of doing this always.

3) If the cat does to the toilet and does not use the litter box, you may pick up the excrement and put it into the litter box. You will have to do this for the first couple of days and in due course your cat will learn. Remember to never get irritated at the cat and also remain calm throughout the process.

Just about all cat owners that have used self cleaning boxes really are exceedingly happy with them. One or two owners nevertheless, find that his or her cats just aren’t able to get on them. Automatic cat litter boxes are not super quiet and sometime can be required to be able to get accustomed to it.

A Automatic Cat Litter Box is a fantastic time saver, and come in many different varieties and styles. So if you are in the market to purchase one you can read further free information on them by visiting

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