Before You Buy a Puppy: Demand a Puppy Fax!

April 3, 2019

in Cat Health

Buying a puppy can be likened to buying a used car. When the cars history is not known, smart shoppers demand a Car Fax report. Whether you are buying a used car or a puppy, the less educated you are, the more likely you will have expensive problems. The only way you will know for certain how a puppys mother was cared for; before, during, and post litter is to know the Breeder. Alas, buying direct from a Breeder is no guarantee that your puppy will be healthy! Breeders are often as ignorant of how to properly feed and supplement, as is the majority of MDs and Veterinarians in this country.

Just how high is the risk when you buy from a Pet Store and Rescue Facility? Most of the animals sold in rescue facilities were poorly cared for. Feral females are often impregnated when they are quite young, and are often impregnated while caring for a litter! Feral dogs must scavenge for food, which usually is loaded with bacterium that causes diarrhea. Diarrhea quickly causes dehydration, and leads to more advanced illnesses, which compromises the milk the pups rely on to develop strong immune systems.

One of the fastest growing and highly profitable businesses since the mid-80s is Puppy Mills, which have been fueled by Empty Nesters, who are lonely for companionship. Even though one can spend a lot of money for a puppy purchased at a pet store, money is no guarantee of getting a healthy pup. If people actually knew what the living conditions are for breed dogs and pups they would be outraged! Puppy Mill dogs are treated like cattle, sheep, chickens, and hogs. Breed mothers are fed poorly and bred before they have fully recovered from the last litter. Pups can only be as healthy as their mother’s milk. Many are weaned too soon, subjecting them to development and health problems. It can all be summed up as stress.

Puppies must be very resilient to survive being brought into the world in a Puppy Mill. We all know that stress can take its toll on human health. Well, pups are no different. When you add up all the levels of stress they and their mother are exposed to, from the time the mother is bred until the time the pups leave, it’s amazing how many survive. Even the time at the pet store until they get acclimated to your home is stressful. All that stress adds up to undiagnosable illness and disease and shortened life expectancy.

All the stress results in diarrhea. Puppies are usually stabilized with antibiotics before they are put on display in the store. But the excitement of meeting you and your family is more enough to cause diarrhea. No need to panic. The last thing they need is more antibiotics or steroids. You can quickly and safely quell diarrhea by administering a few doses of soil-based probiotic organisms (SBOs). SBOs are the organisms that animals eat when when the pull at grass. They instinctively know SBOS are beneficial for their digestive system.

One of the most popluar searches on the internet is What is The Best Food to Feed a Puppy? Hint, you will not find it on most pet food isles, unless you are shopping in a holistic pet store, and even then Buyer Beware! Raising a healthy pup becomes easy when you understand that 90% of your puppys total immune system is located in their digestive system, and that 80% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system. The food that is natural to your pups ancestory is human-grade animal protein, however, this protein is difficult to digest and assimilate. Additional nutrients are necessary.

Your puppy is a meat eater. By feeding your puppy human-grade animal protein, and a few critical supplements, you will have the healthiest, happiest dog imaginable. Also, its life will be extended by an average of 7 years. You can search for testimonials of people who have switched to this diet.

Due to a lack of education as to the importance of diet to health, pet owners are paying a very high price in long-term care, and lowered life expectancy. Although this article seems to paint a dismal picture, by introducing an all-natural nursing and wean support formula as soon as you bring your puppy home, you can help kick-start their immune system, minimize their health risk, and optimize the enjoyment of your new companion !

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