Biopsot Is An Inexpensive Solution To Pet Flea Worries.

November 29, 2012

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

We have pets because we think they are cute and fun. But we may get more than we bargained for in the form of fleas, ticks and mossies. This is not great news for your pet!

Fleas and ticks and mossies can spread disease and also can cause skin irritations for your pet.

In serious cases your pet might die of an insect-borne disease, or vet treatment might prove quite pricey and tricky, so wouldn’t it pay to go for prevention rather than a cure?

Whilst certain treatments only tackle fleas, or a combination of ticks and fleas, it can be difficult to source one preparation that will eradicate this trinity of insects.

Bio Spot Spot On Flea and Tick control is one product that does tackle all three and it’s simple as well as effective.

Just apply one tube of the ointment every thirty days and your dog or cat will be tick, flea and mosquito free.

Just apply to the back of the neck in one topical application. It does not hurt or irritate your pet, in fact he won’t notice it is there, but you will, especially when your pet is clear of ticks and fleas.

Two medicines in one, Biospot firstly kills the bugs with a strong insecticide, but also contains methoprene which inhibits the breeding cycle so no more eggs can hatch, keeping your pet insect free.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than finding fleas in your home, but it’s not only embarrassing for your pet, it can actually be fatal if they contract an illness carried by the fleas.

Both cats and dogs can get instant relief from fleas and ticks with Biospot, but be sure to get the correct product for the animal as the dog strength can poison your cat.

Cats with skin complaints may take to Biospot really well.

Indeed flea bites generally can lead to skin issues for cats as they tend to repeatedly lick the spot of the bite. Bio spot is suitable for cats eight weeks old or greater.

For dogs Bio Spot comes in four handy dosages according to the size of your dog. 15lbs and under, 16-30lbs, 30-60lbs, and over 60lbs.

In rare cases dogs may have side effects such as excessive salivation, seizures, muscle tremors, twitching, or dilated pupils, if your dog displays any of these signs, desist immediately with treatment and consult a vet. It could be that he is allergic to the medication.

It’s always wise to ask your animal doctor if you intend to use Biospot on vulnerable dogs, such as the old, the sick and those with puppies.

Of course this medication is a topical application and should not be given orally! Keep all medicines locked up and away from little hands and little paws.

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