Border Terrier As Man’s Best Friend

February 17, 2010

in Cat Health

Border Terrier’s are great temperament dogs that of often used as therapy dogs. These active and agile dogs are amazing jumpers so be ware. They are independent thinkers and have a high intellect.

Border Terriers have an amazing ability to jump to great heights despite the shortness of their legs. They were long time foxhunters used for flushing fox out of their holes. They are natural born runners and need to be exercised regularly and love to be active.

Border Terriers are natural born runners. Their innate sense of the chase make these dogs a breed that you need to watch around small animals like mice, rabbits and such. They can learn not to chase the family kitten provided you raise them together but when you are out walking, best to keep them on a leash because they are likely to bolt if they see a stranger cat.

You do have to watch the stuffed animals around the house. The Border Terrier has been know to destroy and consume these stuffed fury friends. If your dog becomes lethargic, unable to sleep, non-interested in affection, best to get him to the vet for an x-ray just to rule out illness.

There are times with these dogs when they just love to sit and watch all the activity going on around them. You can be out for a leisurely walk and suddenly your Border Terrier will plop down and refuse to continue. Tiredness can often bring this type of behavior on as well.

Border Terriers can be slow to anesthetize and you need to watch this because they also have a high sensitivity to anesthetics. They have a high threshold for pain and can suffer from diseases like juvenile diabetes, seizures, hip Dysplasia and other ailments.

Border Terrier’s fall in the medium size category weighing in at between 11 and 15 pounds with the females usually weighing the least. Their coats are dirt and weather resistant that requires a weekly brushing. They do shed but the weekly brushing can help with this issue as well as hand stripping a couple of time a year.

Border Terriers respond well the command training. If you work with your dog as a puppy, you are more likely to curb their impulsive nature to bolt. Their eagerness to please their owners is a genuine quality of the Border Terrier. And don’t forget the exercise regimen and that too will help to tire them out.

There are times with the Border Terrier where they can become confrontational although this is not typical behavior. They get along well with other animals in the house and like with most dogs, socialization at an early age can help with aggression issues. Border Terrier’s have limitations that can be pushed so keep a close eye on them with other around.

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