Can A Cat Go To A Groomer? -Tips For A Good Outcome

September 21, 2009

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Most people probably already know that cats can bathe themselves by using their tongues to lick their fur clean, but sometimes this type of cleaning just isn’t sufficient to work out the mats and tangles that can get into cats’ hair. This is especially true for long hair cats, even for those cats that are brushed every single day by their owners. Groomers aren’t only for cats that are entered into cat shows. Many cat owners send their cats to the groomers once in a while in order to get a bath and to get their fur conditioned to keep it in its best shape it can be.

You’re going to pay a good amount of money in order to send your cat to the groomers, and your cat will probably not be very pleased about the whole process. There is a variety of services a groomer can do for your cat. Some groomers offer fur trims while other will shave the cats completely with the exception of the head and tail. Most groomers will give cats baths and condition their fur.

Plenty of cat owners send their cats to the groomer in order to get their claws trimmed, and in some cases there are cat owners who send their cats to the groomers with the express intent of getting the cats gussied up with nail polish on the claws and bows in the fur.

You may now be thinking that anyone trying to put nail polish on your cat would probably need to see a plastic surgeon, and yes, it is true, most cats do not at all enjoy these procedures and may display both fear and anger.

You’ll need to find a groomer who is well versed in dealing with cats, because a dog groomer may not have the talent needed in order to finagle a cat into accepting this type of treatment. Before taking your cat to a groomer, ask about the groomer’s experience with cats and make sure that this won’t turn into a disaster. A groomer who is well versed in dealing with cats will know exactly what needs to be done and how a cat should be restrained in order to get the job done.

When your cat comes home from the groomers – especially if this was its first experience with a groomer – it may hide out for a while. You might be disappointed because perhaps you want to show off your shiny, groomed cat, but you need to be patient with your cat because going to the groomers can be a traumatic experience for a cat.

Do all cats need to go to a professional groomer? No, not at all. Most cats are quite self sufficient in the art of keeping themselves clean and beautiful. If you do decide to take your cat to be groomed, be prepared that it may cost a bit and have some extra delicious treats for her in order to get back in her good favor again.

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