Can I Feed Birds Stale Cat Food?

September 12, 2009

in Cats

Instead of throwing away stale cat food, many cat owners feed birds stale cat food. To feed birds still cat food, the cat owner can place the stale food in a bowl or shallow container.

It has become a common practice to put stale cat food and other food scraps into the mesh bags that onions are sold in and tying the bags outside for birds. This can be dangerous for birds, because their feet or legs can become trapped in the mesh.

The stale cat food can be mixed with birdseed for the birds. For some cat owners, leaving cat food outside may not be a good idea if they live in an area populated with raccoons. Raccoons are attracted by cat food which can cause the property become occupied with a clan of raccoons. This can be a health concern since raccoons can carry rabies.

Cat food that is left outside can also attract ants. In fact, a large, open bag of cat food inside the home near a door can sometimes attract ants and cause them to come inside the house.

Cat owners can take steps to keep dry cat food from going stale. While large bags of cat food can be a thrifty choice, money isn’t saved if the cat food is wasted because the cat won’t eat stale cat food. There are ways to keep the cat food fresh even if large bags or purchased.

One way to store cat food and keep it from becoming stale is in a large plastic storage container. A storage container can not only keep the dry cat food from becoming stale, but can also keep ants and other pests from the food.

Periodically, this container should be washed with soap and water to prevent the buildup of fat residue from the cat food. This residue can go rancid and contaminate new cat food that is placed in the container.

Some cat owners use clips such as those used for potato chip bags. The open-ended the bag can be folded and clipped closed. This can help preserve the freshness of the cat food, but typically not as well as an airtight storage container.

If a finicky cat refuses to eat cat food that has become the least bit stale, that cat owner may want to switch to canned cat food to avoid cat food waste. Switching cat food should always be done gradually to avoid the cat stomach from being upset by the change.

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