Can My Dog Be Allergic To Fleas

January 30, 2010

in Cats

If you have a dog that is driving you crazy up all night chewing and itching, then he most likely is suffering from an allergy to fleas. Sounds ridiculous but it’s more common than you think. For some dogs, this can turn into a serious problem, especially if left untreated.

You can see something like this start in your puppy but it is also very common in much older dogs. The adult flea does the biting but they don’t live long unless they are on the host dog. Hmmm, is that supposed to make you feel better?

Did you know that adult fleas are the only ones that bite? Once they fall off the host dog or cat, they don’t live. That’s good to know, however, the process continues because the adult flea leaves behind eggs that will hatch and continue the process.

If you want to keep your dog flea free, then you need to continue treatment. The symptoms can be painful to the dog and an annoyance to the owners. This chronic condition left untreated can lead to behavioral problems in your pet as well.

Symptoms of an infestation will include chewing and scratching. Check your pet for signs of fleas or flea dirt by using a flea comb. If there are no visible signs of fleas, your vet might recommend testing for mites.

We humans are not off limits when it comes to fleas. We too can suffer from fleabites so treating not only your pet but also your house will help rid you of these little bitters. Remember, to set off this reaction in your dog, all it takes is one bite!

As you might imagine, a condition like a flea allergy can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet. Quick treatment like a dip or flea shampoo will bring instant relief. The application of a monthly topical applied to the back of your dogs neck will provide continuous protection.

Quick diagnosis and treatment will help relive your dog from his suffering. Chewing and itching along with hair loss are sure signs of a flea allergy. Additionally you might see lesions in numerous places over the dog’s body.

Remember that continuous treatment is necessary to keep your dog flea free. Initially you might have to give your dog a couple of dip baths before you notice the fleas disappearing as well as treating the interior of you home. You owe it to your pet to be diligent in the battle to rid them of fleas, and they will appreciate you for it!

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