Can You Train A Cat?

October 14, 2010

in Cats

Have you ever been to Sea World, watched whales and dolphins jump through hoops, and wonder how can they train these wild animals to do this? The secret is, that they’re not really training the animals to do this. They capturing an animal’s regular behavior and requesting that they perform this behavior on cue.

Every animal is individual. They may specialize in doing certain things. Some cats love to jump, some love to climb very high, some love to open cabinets and some cats will even play fetch.

You must first decide on what “trick” you would like your cat to focus on. Then you should decide on how you can reward your kitty for doing this trick correctly. The common rewards are treats, clickers, or a big kiss and some extra tlc. You know your cat the best, so what do they want from you.

Training with your cat can be a great bonding experience. You don’t need to spend a bunch of time training with your cat each day. A few successful attempts each day will be plenty. You should also mind your cat’s sleeping habits and not wake them up to train. Make sure you cat is wide awake and alert before you start.

One very important part in the training, it your reaction to what the cat is doing. Always focus on the positive parts of the training and ignore the negative. Be very quick with this.

If you want your cat to jump through round hoop for example, place the round hoop on the floor. When kitty comes over to explore give her praise. Hold the hoop up with part of it touching the ground. Entice her to walk over it. Click away, give a treat or praise. Just let kitty know that it was the reaction you wanted. Raise the hoop off the ground to the desired height you would like them to jump through. Always be sure to focus on the positives and add additional pieces along the way if you like.

Ultimately, cats are must more independent and bore easily, so you must learn patience as sometimes the training can become frustrating to the human.

So can you train a cat? Absolutely you can! maybe not everything you wish but certain tricks can be done. Just remember do focus on what your cat enjoys doing, catch your cat doing what you want and praise it with positive feedback, and never force the training or make it negative.

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