Can You Trust the Banfield Pet Insurance?

May 14, 2018

in Cats

The largest of the veterinarian practices that is in the world today is Banfield. They own over 700 hospitals located in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. These hospitals have almost 2000 veterinarians that are qualified and are dedicated to caring for our pets, who should get the same kind of medical care that their human owners expect for themselves. This results in every hospital that Banfield owns offers medical services that are state-of-the-art quality, plans for preventative care, horse that are extended, and they happen to be the only practice veterinarian wise, that has a program for quality assurance, in the world.

The Banfield Pet Hospital was founded back in October, 1955 by Warren J. Wegert, who was a doctor of veterinary medicine. By 2001, Banfield was operating more than three hundred hospitals. Three years later, in 2004, Banfield had more than one million pets in what is called the Optimal Wellness Plan. By the time Banfield celebrated their fiftieth year in operation just one year later, in 2005, they had more than five hundred hospitals open.

With being practicing for over 50 years, Banfield has been able to get the experience needed to come up with a health care plan for pets that really works. This plan is designed to handle all the routine type care that you dog or cat requires for a healthy existence.

A Banfield Wellness Plan winds up being a comprehensive healthcare plan for pets, which can prolong an animal’s life by about 25 percent. It gives the pet owner the right to use at whichever of the over 700 hospitals they are near without trouble, this is great when you move or travel. This plan also offers comprehensive type care at very reasonable prices. You can get services for about half of the standard care cost, because with this plan you get your office visits free for the life of your pets, on top of various discounts on several of their services. This wellness plan gives you a warranty on vaccinations covering up to $1000.

Just like us humans, our pets can face many different health issues over the course of their lives. With Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans come the services that are so necessary to keep pets not only healthy, but also to eliminate potential issues before they even arise.

The Banfield Wellness plans currently cover puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats. It is a highly cost effective way to provide your pet with the quality care it deserves, such as and including vaccinations, physical exams, and free, unlimited office calls.

It is not surprising how large Banfield has grown over the years when one considers all that they provide along with outstanding service both to our pets and the human beings with which they share their lives. Just like us, our pets deserve to enjoy a full life that ensures he, or she, will live a long and healthy one. They deserve the same dedicated and quality medical care that we do and Banfield clearly holds to this same notion.

And now just like humans do our pets also can reap benefits by having a healthcare plan and with the one that Banfield offers they can have continuous care and good health. This is how it should be because our pets are the same as our family members, which means they should have all they need in care medically, so they can stay with out family for a nice long time.

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