Canine Accessories Galore!

September 24, 2012

in Cats

by Rebecca Foxton

It’s not just you who could do with some fabulous accessories, there’s a wide range especially for your dog too!

From designer dog apparel to ‘seatbelts’ for dogs, your best friend can benefit from unique products designed especially for canines.

Your dog will be turning heads with the selection of fab dog accessories on offer.

Take designer charms for example; they come in all kinds of cute shapes such as the Aria Enamel Bone Charm or Pawprint Charm, or for especially regal pooches you might want the Majestic Crown.

Charms are a really popular accessory for tiny dogs, as they give a ‘toy-like’ look and the charm can be color co-ordinated to match an outfit.

The Sweetheart charm is just lovely for a female dog, the Skull and Crossbones is recommended for young tearaways!

It’s not just your outfit which you have to take into consideration these days, with the rising popularity of tiny dogs such as chihuahuas as a handbag accessory for rich heiresses is spreading to the mainstream too.

For any dog, how he is turned out will say quite a bit about it owner, a raggle-taggle dog, dirty, unkempt etc might be a perfectly happy dog, but you will be seen as a neglectful owner.

Dogs love bath time, and you will love it too, with such a wide selection of shampoos, sprays and treatments to leave your dog smelling fragrant.

Your dog can smell less like a dog and more like Crisp Apple, Coconut and Pineapple and Fresh Berry with 8in1′s scented sprays, which are intended to be used in between bath times to freshen up your dog’s natural smell.

Other cute novel ideas are pet checks, with fantastic dog and cat inspired illustrations from top artists.

These checks can be used just like regular checks, and make a great and individual gift for a friend or a relative, especially for dog or cat lovers at Christmas or birthdays.

A travel harness could save your dog’s life, making it a wonderful gift.

While the whole family is belted up in the car, the poor dog is loose and could jump out the window or be thrown about in an accident.

Cruising Companion make these ingenious harnesses to keep your canine VIP safe.

More and more great gifts and accessories for dogs are becoming available to consumers.

You will just love creating that new look for your pet with all those great accessories.

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