Canine Teeth Cleaning – Is it Necessary?

November 24, 2009

in Cat Health

Dog teeth cleaning should be something which is done regularly as a part of your pet care routine. If possible, your dog’s teeth should be brushed daily, or least every other day. Dogs are just as susceptible as we are to tooth disease, so it is important to make sure that our dog’s teeth are kept clean and free of tartar.

Dental Health and Your Dog

Dogs can get many of the same tooth, gum and mouth diseases as we can – and since your dog can’t tell you if they have a toothache, pet owners have to make sure to take care of their dog’s teeth. Left alone, a tooth infection can lead to more serious problems with their vital organs.

Your dog’s diet definitely has a direct effect on their dental health. Choosing foods and treats that are fortified and designed to keep their teeth and gums healthy are an easy way to implement dental hygiene into your dog’s life. Although professional cleaning by a veterinarian is an option, this should only be considered in extreme cases as unnecessarily having your dog anesthetized is not only expensive, but it also puts undue stress on your pet.

Getting Started with Dog Teeth Cleaning

With some patience, you can train your dog to accept tooth brushing. Adult dogs and puppies can both be trained by starting with your finger and some peanut butter.

Your pet will lick your finger (and the peanut butter). You can start rubbing their teeth and gums while praising your dog. After a few days you r dog will become accustomed to this and you can start trying it with a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. Rub the teeth and gums with your finger just as you would with a toothbrush. When your dog gets used to this procedure, you can start using a real toothbrush.

You should not use toothpaste which is made for humans, as this will cause your dog to have an upset stomach. There is toothpaste designed for dogs which have a taste and smell which appeal to your pet. Let your dog lick a little off of the brush and then add more and start brushing.

You’ll need to lift up your dogs’ gums to be able to reach their upper teeth -the canines especially. To get the best results, hold the brush at a 45 degree angle; this lets you clean teeth and gums simultaneously. Use a circular motion and pay special attention to your pets’ back teeth, which are especially subject to tooth disease.

Make dog tooth cleaning time a happy time for your dog. Stay calm so your dog won’t get too excited. It should only take about a minute a day for effective dog teeth cleaning and maintain their good health.

Canine teeth cleaning is important to overall dog health, and dog teeth cleaning can be effected in several ways. Keep your dog’s teeth clean by brushing your dog’s teeth, with healthy food, and by adding a dog teeth cleaning agent to your dog’s drinking water. All can play a part in keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.

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