Caring for Teacup Yorkies: Meals

February 14, 2010

in Cat Health

The most important step in pet care lies first in mealtime, especially since the teacup yorkies stomach is extra temperamental. Most owners will tell you that many find foods exist on the market today that cater specifically for the breed. However, owners find that the care associated with yorkie mealtime is just as important to their pet’s health and satisfaction.

Yorkies are very social animals, more so even than many other breeds of dogs within the animal kingdom. They love to feel a part of the pack; any attention from an owner is perceived by this breed of dog is as good as gold. Your pet will benefit greatly from any interaction they receive from their human friends during mealtime and improve health and vigor.

Yorkie food comes in many forms. You may want to mix or match your pet’s food depending on many factors. Some examples are cost, availability, and pet preference.

Add a little panache to your pet’s meal. After all, they are a special cuddly creature; anyone who has ever spent much time with this breed would agree. Incorporate pizzazz by creating easy but special variations to your yorkie’s diet.

Feeder bins are a new strategy that greatly reduces much hassle, effort, and time for owners as well as the teacup yorkie. This self-feeding method works well for teacup yorkies as long as they are not prone to weight problems. This allows the animal to serve himself to whenever he feels hungry.

Many people who work during the day find feeder bins to be a convenient alternative to placing out your pet’s food yourself. These dry or semi-moist rations convenient to use. Additionally these foods are great to bring along if you travel with your teacup yorkie.

Get in the habit of feeding your dog his own daily meals of dog food. If ever you are in doubt about what foods and how much to serve, it is always best to consult your veterinarian. Many breeds of dogs have a propensity toward weight gain.

Many teacup yorkie owners find supplements to be an additional preferential treatment for their pet. Liquid or powder vitamin and mineral supplements, or those in tablet form, are available. These supplements may be given if you need to feel certain that the diet is balanced.

Teacup Yorkies

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