How To Resolve Common Cat Behavior Problems

May 6, 2019

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Today’s modern way of life has opened doors for more animal lovers and pet enthusiasts to become responsible cat owners. However as they traverse the path of pet rearing, they are most likely to encounter several cat behavior problems. This is because despite of the cat’s cuddly image and affectionate demeanor, they can also be temperamental and stubborn at times.

Some of the most common cat behavior problems arise because of the very fact that cats, like people, have minds of their own. Cat behavior problems usually have to do with either the cat’s natural demeanor or habits your cat might pick up which you consider to be unfavorable.

Aggression- This is the one of the most frequent cat behavior problems a cat owner will encounter. This is when the cat becomes too aggressive on other cats, animals or even people. They may display these aggressive tendencies by intimidating them. This happens when a cat gets really stressed out or gets frustrated over something. Sometimes this causes damages in home furniture and upholstery.

Fortunately, cat behavior problems such as this can be solved by giving your cat some proper training. You can train your cat on how to deal with aggression by diverting it to other things or activities. You can give your cat things to play with such as a ball or a yarn. You can also purchase a scratching post for it to get its claw on. This method will surely relieve your cat’s stress levels and will contribute in dispersing excess energy and tension.

Cat behavior problems having to do with shyness need only be addressed by breaking your cat into the social circuit a little at a time. You may do this by playing with your cat by yourself first, and then progressing into letting your cat play with other relatives or friends one by one until he or she gets used to it.

Potty Training Perhaps the most challenging cat behavior problems you may encounter involves putting the litter in the litter box. In some cases, cats can be observed to be littering just about anywhere. And of course nobody enjoys the strong smell that emanates from cat dung. But if you look closely, the cats usually litter on the same spot or area. This means that this bad habit, like any other cat behavior problems is treatable. Sometimes this is caused by the cat owner not situating a proper and comfortable litter area.

The above mentioned cat behavioral problems are only some of the ones any cat owner is bound to encounter, and the ways cited through which said problems can be countered may or may not be successful. It is important to remember that all cat behavioral problems are relative and should be handled on a case to case basis. Not all cats are the same and this goes for the treatment of their cat behavior problems also.

Did you find those tips on Cat Behavior Problems useful? Melissa Fielden, who has been a zoo keeper for over 8 years, runs a very informative website specifically about cat behavior problems. You can learn a lot more about how to solve cat behavior problems by visiting her website.

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