Cat Checks Can Make Any Checkbook Purrrfect

July 2, 2010

in Cats

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but you can’t overlook the significance that cats have had to people throughout the years. Once considered to be royalty, cats certainly have a regal air about them. They can be wonderful companions in their loyalty and dedication to their human counterparts. If you love your cat and you are looking for a way to take a reminder of him with you wherever you go, how about investing in cat personal checks?

There is an assortment of cat checks to select from. From the funny illustrated portrayals of cats on some check series to the striking photographic images that are included on others, there truly is something for everybody.

Dogs might think they’re human but cats think they’re God. On the “Cat Masterpieces” check series they are certainly portrayed as angels. This check series includes images of innocent cats, complete with wings, hovering simply through the clouds. Surely YOUR cat would never get into any misbehavior, correct?

You can also discover funny Gary Patterson cat checks that have fun images of cats getting into all kinds of snags, from being tangled in Christmas lights to disturbing the family dog.

If you want a memento of your beloved kitty and you want to support a good cause simultaneously, you can also purchase personal checks that support ASPCA-the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. These checks include 4 attractive cat photographs and you can rest easy knowing that some of the takings from your checks will go toward backing this fantastic organization. ASPCA helps thwart cruelty to animals and has over 750,000 members and donors that give to it on a yearly basis. The checks are also printed on recycled paper.

You can also discover check designs that include delightful images of engaging kittens, of course. Even if your financial circumstances aren’t something that you often find a reason to grin at, you won’t be able to refuse to give in to a grin each time you write one of these checks.

The majority of the check design series come with harmonizing accessories such as contact cards, address labels, and checkbook covers that can be acquired at an added cost. This can be a good way of completing your purrrfect cat look.

Remember that when you purchase your checks online you can save cash. When you buy them from a highly regarded site you will not only save 50% on the cost of your new checks, but you will also have a big variety of check designs to select from as well.

When you order your checks online just be sure to have your routing number and checking account number on hand. These will be printed right onto the checks themselves. You can generally expect to receive your checks in about 5 days which might even be faster than your bank got them to you in the past.

Before you order cat checks, go to to find coupon codes and to save up to 50% off your next purchase of cat personal checks.

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