Cat Checks: Creative Relief For Cat & Dog Lovers.

April 27, 2015

in Cats

Writing checks and loving our pets go together, and thats why there’s Pet checks.

From where we choose to vacation, to the color of our carpet. In fact, we can customize almost anything to be the way we want it.

Choice extends to credit cards. usually when you apply you can choose what design your card will have.

The same goes for Patterson pet checks – I bet you didn’t know that!

Maybe you are thinking, why would I bother to get Gary patterson checks with an illustration or cartoon on it?

Well, it makes the pain of paying for something a little sweeter, plus if you give a friend of a family member a check, it makes the transaction seem much more friendly and less formal.

Imagine also if you have a business, how cool would it be to have Dog checks with an image on which relates to the nature of your business.

Here is the scenario – you have a business to do with pets, might be that you are a dog breeder, or you import foods for dogs, or maybe you sell custom designed dog collars.

Having an animal illustration on your checks would make them distinctive and memorable, reinforcing your company’s brand.

Let’s leave work at work and think about hometime – wouldn’t it be nice to have something other than a plain old boring bank check?

The Patterson cat checks is the place to go to find individual check designs, with work by famous artists such as Gary Patterson.

There are loads of great dog and cat designs for aficionados of our canine and feline friends.

Gary Patterson’s work is distinguished by a cute, homely style which takes a fond look at pet life.

Take a look at the sweet designs on his dog checks, or maybe you would prefer a set of indolent cat drawings.

He even draws arch enemies the cat and the dog together in humorous situations, fantastically depicted in glorious color.

You have four designs to choose from and they are ideal for those who love both cats and dogs.

If cats and dogs are not your thing, but you would give your eye teeth for something with a dolphin on, don’t despair, the site has so many designs you are bound to find something.

These Patterson dog checks although cute, come with the assurance they will be accepted at your bank, plus don’t be fooled that it’s playtime, they have hidden features to safeguard you against fraud.

What a great surprise these Dog bank checks designs would make as a special gift for someone you just know loves cats, dogs etc.

Imagine that every time they clap eyes on that illustration picked out by you, they feel fond memories, and are thankful for Canine bank checks.

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