Cat Claw Covers Are Indispensable

June 9, 2010

in Cats

As cat owners we want the best for our pet. We make sure that everything is taken cared of from the food to hygiene. As much as we want our cats to avoid scratching the household furniture and other stuff like carpets, doormats, rag; it still happens and it becomes an unavoidable situation.

It is in their nature to be scratching around and they simply cannot live without it. It is their form of defense mechanism to avoid unnecessary traps in your home or outside your home due to their own innate sense. However, even though we know this is true, they are capable of destroying things in the house and we do not want that to happen.

Some people suggest declawing them, but that would mean hurting our pets. That should be the least in the options, yet at the same time shouldn’t even be included in our options.

Alternatives are therefore needed in order to solve the problem of cats scratching and ruining the home furniture. Different companies have come up with several solutions that will definitely be useful. This is great news for everyone who owns cats! There is a solution, and that is a good sign.

The solution is Nail Caps that will serve as cat claw covers. These claw covers will be very beneficial for you and your cat. As an owner you will be happy because you no longer need to worry about your home furnishings getting destroyed, and for sure your cat will be happy because he won’t need to go under the painful solution of declawing.

The caps will be put on the claw of the cat, but they will not feel uncomfortable in any way. They will still have full use of their claws which would be good for them the caps are placed on the front and rear claws.

There are different sizes when it comes to the claw covers. The size will depend on the age and size of the cat. Kitten claw covers, small, medium, and large claw covers are available. It is very easy to apply them on your cat.

So first of all, you will need to trim the claws of your cat unless they are still a kitten because you don’t need to trim the claws of a kitten. Then fill the cap with adhesive until it reaches its 1/3 mark. After that insert the nail into the cap and hold on to your cat for about a minute, then you’re good to go.

Get your cat claw cover today because you and your cat will enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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