Cat Claw Covers: Customized For Your Pet

June 21, 2010

in Cats

Every pet lover wants to give everything that there pet desires and that is sufficient food and shelter. It is wrong to neglect the needs when it comes to your cat. One of these needs is your pet’s safety and protection. It is understandable that they have these scratching mannerisms as their normal routine to deal with the surroundings.

That is the worst option that a cat would want to have. Their scratching could not be stopped but further damage to furniture can be prevented with this new innovation made by skillful men and women. This is the Cat Claw Covers made especially for cats. This is customized to meet the needs of your own cat with varying selections as protection and fashion design.

You can choose from different sizes and colors available. You can check and see the guideline for sizes in the size chart to check if your cat is in the size of a kitten, small, medium or large. A certain age comes with certain sizes as a standard.

For sizes here are certain age references to look at: Kitten is typically from the age of three to four months and had positive impacts on this size at an early setting. A small size is typically from four to six months of age and made progression to prevent scratching. For a medium size, it is typically from six to nine months that cats enjoy an infection free claw. While for large size is beyond a year and have made significant protection for growth of cats.

Different colors are available to choose from such as: clear, blue, red, pink and purple. With these choices your cat will look amazing and fashionable as it shows their trait. For kitten size, the clear color is the only available choice. As for the other sizes such as small, medium and large all colors are available. This is a custom based product which you find it very easy and accessible. Come and visit our site now!

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