Cat Claw Covers For A Trouble Free Home

June 14, 2010

in Cats

I don’t know about you, but I personally love having pets around the house. It is a truly a wonderful thing to have pets. They are fun to play with, cute to look at, and give you great company when you are feeling sad and down.

Alright, so not all pets can be the “company” you want to always have around. For example, I don’t think spiders or snakes can give much comfort; but then again I can’t be the one to speak for other people if they think otherwise.

The basic thing we know is that pets do bring a new kind of light and joy to any household, especially when we are talking about cats and dogs. These furry animals are fun to have around and make a family “complete” in its own sense.

In this article let us talk about cats. Cats are definitely a good pet to have in the home and they can be easily trained. They are clean and very handy to have around the house since they are small. Their owners will not need to worry about how to constantly keep them trained as to where they should urinate and excrete, because all you need to do is give them brief training on how to use that litter box and they are on their way.

Having a cat means you can carry it around and pet it and hold it whenever you want to. I know for all the cat lovers out there, you love your cats. However, the thing is that you also love your home furniture.

Basically cats and kittens have the desire to scratch almost anything they sink their claws into. Your carpet couches, and other home furnishes fall victim to its claws. You may also be a victim to their scratching if they are not comfortable or upset with you.

So now, what should we do about this? Many people have suggested declawing the cats. Although this may seem like a good solution, I can tell you right now that it is not the best solution. Declawing a cat means that it is taking their claws for good. The claws of cats are there for a reason, and if we take them out, it is taking a way a very essential part of their body system.

Claws are used to help them in time of defense for any kind of circumstance that may arise. That is why instead of declawing them, owners should simply invest in buying a cat claw cover.

A cat claw cover is a good way of protecting the furniture inside your home. Their claws won’t tear at your things any longer. But at the same time, the cover won’t interfere with the regular use of their claws.

So go and purchase the cat covers by buying a package of soft claw today. You and your cat will be happy because both your home and your cat are protected.

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