Cat Collar – Necessary Identification For Any Feline Friend

July 22, 2010

in Cats

Every cat owner should have a cat collar for their furry friend. Collars are the only way for people to be able to identify your pets if they get out, and to be able to get your contact information to let you know where they are.

The ID tag on a cat collar is very important. Cats are naturally independent and it is never a surprise when they wander out by themselves. If someone happens to come across them and things they are a stray, what will happen? Any number of things, not many of them good. An ID tag lets other people know that your cat has a home, and an owner who is likely worried about them. A collar with a tag can drastically reduce the chances of your kitty getting lost and stolen or in an accident.

There are several styles of cat collar out there today to please even the pickiest feline and its owner. Nylon styles are the most affordable and simple, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. A step above nylon is leather, which is a far more durable material.

Leather collars have been popular with both cat and dog owners for a long time, and for good reason. The last for years and are often durable enough to stay intact even after being chewed on or otherwise abused. It should be noted that chain collars are not recommended for cat, as they are not as hardy as dogs are.

A cat collar can be purchased at most pet supply stores, discount warehouse stores, online venues and even some grocery stores have a pet section that will include a collar or two on the shelf. The cost is usually very reasonable, and one can be purchased usually for between five and ten dollars. Depending on the material it is made out of and how much it is adorned, really dictates the price.

There is not a lot you can do when your cat gets out, but a cat collar can ensure that anyone who may pick him or her up that they have an owner. This small safety precaution can go a long way to your feline friend staying around for a long time.

If you are a cat owner, cat’s collars are a very valuable tool.

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