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July 25, 2009

in Cats

There are expenses related to cat ownership such as litter, veterinary costs, and cat food. Using cat food coupons is a way to reduce the cost of cat ownership.

There are many sources of cat food coupons. Newspapers are a traditional source of coupons. Numerous newspapers have a special section of coupons in their Sunday editions. Cat owners can find coupons for cat food as well as for other items they regularly purchase.

Cat owners may find offers for cat food samples and cat food coupons on the websites of cat food companies. Cat food manufacturers typically maintain websites that periodically feature offers for coupons or samples. If a cat owner requests a sample, the sample often arrives with coupons.

The websites for cat food manufacturers may require the cat owner to register in order to receive coupons. The positive aspect of registering on a cat food manufacturers website is that the company may send future coupons and samples without requiring a request from the cat owner.

When a new cat food product is introduced to the market, the cat owner should look at that companys website for a sample or coupon for the new product.

Sometimes, cat food companies will send coupons to cat owners who request cat food coupons for their products. If the cat food owner sends a request by mail or email, the cat food owner should be sure to include their full name and address.

The Internet has some websites dedicated to coupons. The website user can select and print coupons for use at the store. If a cat owner has access to a printer, they may want to print cat food coupons and other coupons.

Cat owners should not purchase cat food products that are not something that they would typically buy just because they have a coupon. For example, if a cat has shunned all cat food of a particular flavor in the past, the cat food owner probably should not buy food of that flavor even if they have a coupon. If the cat food goes to waste, money was wasted not saved.

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