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June 13, 2010

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Every cat owner must face the problem of dirty floors especially around the cat’s litter box. The cat’s litter box is a necessary evil as it is. Added to that is the problem of having the cat track dirt over your clean floors every time it uses the litter box. Dirt apart, the flooring and floor coverings also take a beating from the dirt. Expensively done parquet floors can get damaged from the litter particles that are tracked onto it. Rare carpets can get damaged likewise.

If your playful pet jumps on to the furniture then you’ve had it. It is very hard to get the litter out of deep pile cushions and upholstery. Cleaning upholstery requires the services of a professional upholstery cleaning service, an expensive affair. Either that or you lose the upholstery entirely! One way to solve this problem is to use cat litter mats.

The cat litter mat is placed directly in front of the cat’s litter box. This localises the litter debris to just around the litter box. Cat litter mats are made of texturized rubber. They are designed to wipe your cat’s paws as it exits the box. The textured surface helps to collect the debris of the litter. Your flooring is protected, and your repeated house cleaning is minimized to a great extent.

Your cat benefits too. It does not have to clean its paws so often. This prevents or restricts debris of the litter from getting ingested by the cat.

Though they are very effective you may not want to buy a commercial cat litter mat. You can make up your own from an old rubber bathmat, and cover it with blankets or rugs that are ready to be trashed. Tufted or looped rugs are ideal for the purpose. The same can be said for pieces of old carpets. Just make sure that you can wash and clean these pieces of blankets, rugs, or carpets easily. Because they’ll need to be cleaned often otherwise they’ll start smelling as bad as the dirt they pick up.

Whichever way, home-made or commercial, a cat litter mat is the perfect solution to controlling the problem of your cat tracking litter throughout the house.Your house will be cleaner. Your flooring, floor coverings, and even furniture and bedding are safe from getting dirty and damaged.

Your family will also benefit when your cat does not soil the house, upholstery and bedding. No dirt translates to cleanliness, and that spells health. Now who is going to say no to that? So, without more ado, let’s go get that cat litter mat and bid good riddance to litter debris!

To learn additional information about the cat litter mat visit You’ll also read about other items like the automatic cat litter box that can allow you to spend extra time loving your cat and less time cleaning up its mess.

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