Cat Litter Mats For A Litter Free Floor

September 15, 2009

in Cats

Your pet cat must go to the litter box once or twice a day, maybe more often. Every time it does so, some litter particles from the litter box stick to its paws. Every time it steps out of the litter box it carries the litter debris with it. This litter gets onto your floors, your floor coverings, the furniture, the upholstery on the furniture, your bedding, your clothes – in short, the dirt gets on to everything that your pet can get its paws onto. First of all, everything the cat touches gets soiled up, and begins to smell like the litter box. Secondly, all this litter dirt can actually damage your expensive flooring, floor covering, furniture, and upholstery.

Even the cushions and the upholstery on your sofa sets can get soiled with these litter particles if your cat has a penchant for jumping onto the furniture, which most cats do! This is doubly damaging. First of all you have to get a professional cleaner to come to the house to clean the upholstery and the carpets, an expensive business. Secondly, the frequent cleaning, though professionally done, takes its toll on the longevity of these items, and you’ll find them getting threadbare and unusable much before their regular lifespan. This means replacement of these items which is frightfully expensive. So what can be done? The solution is very straightforward: use a cat litter mat.

The cat litter mat is for cats what a doormat is for people. Placed just before the litter box, the cat litter mat wipes the litter from the paws of your pet as it steps daintily out of the litter box. The cat litter mat is fabricated from specially prepared textured rubber. The textured surface catches the litter particles from your pet’s paws. Thus, the cat litter mat saves your precious upholstery and flooring, and by localizing the spread of litter, makes house-cleaning so much easier than before.

The cat litter mat makes sure that the cat’s paws are free of litter debris. So when your cat does lick its paws, there’s no way that it can ingest litter particles. This means that the cat is free from health hazards associated with ingesting litter particles. All this means a healthier pet. In fact everything is cleaner, brighter, better than before – from the flooring to the furniture to the bedclothes.

The ready made cat litter mats are quite affordable. Even so, you can try your hand at making one for your dear pet, if you want to give it that personal touch! Just take a rubbet bathmat and lay it over with an old Turkish towel or similar stuff. The Turkish towel is soft and won’t hurt the cat’s paws. The pile on the towel will trap the litter particles and keep your pet’s paws clean. Clean or replace the toweling before it gets heavily soiled.

Using a cat litter mat is a must for a clean and healthy house. Cleaner floors means that you’ll save yourself the time and effort of cleaning up ever so often. You’ll save money by fewer calls to a professional cleaning service. Your floors will remain undamaged for longer. More savings.

Not only your pet, but your family will also remain healthier because they won’t be exposed to bacteria and germs from the litter debris that your cat may occasionally track onto the bed linen or furniture. So don’t delay any more, go out and get that cat litter mat for a healthier, cleaner household!

To find more about the cat litter mat go to You’ll also read about other products like the automatic cat litter box that can help you spend extra time enjoying your cat and less time cleaning up after it.

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