Cat Scratch S.O.S

October 28, 2010

in Cats

Cats love to scratch and find it to be natural, never mind that they’re ruining your expensive new couch. You cat isn’t scratching to defy you – but he is sending you a message. That message is, “give me something to scratch!”

When his urge to scratch hits, he isn’t too picky about what to scratch. This includes practically everything under the sun. Don’t accuse your cat of trying to damage your stuff. A cat simply sharpens its claws by scratching on things.

Stray cats or wild cats usually scratch on tree trunks or posts. But since your living room probably lacks those things, the next best thing is something wooden, like the legs on your expensive new coffee table.

Removing your cat’s claws is a quick-fix solution, but not the only way around this. Instead of going to this extreme, set up a few standing scratch posts around your house for your cat to scratch. Your cat would find this a more worthwhile option rather than destroying your stuff – also, these scratching posts would be a better fit in the first place.

Scratching means more to your cat than just a way to tend his claws. Cats are naturally playful animals, and one way they manifest their playfulness is by scratching. Cats can release a great deal of stress by using scratching posts.

The scratching post can also be used by a cat as an imaginary playmate. They can also use it as a way to practice against potential enemies like mice. Your cat may take on the scratching post, gripping it with his claws and wrestling it into submission.

Your cat’s scratching posts need a nice, firm anchor. You don’t want to make them easy to tip over, because cat’s won’t find that any fun and would proceed to “take over” your dining table. If your cat plays with the scratching post when you’re home, but returns to the chair when you’re not around, you may have to resort to a trick.

Knowing that your cat has very keen sense of smell, hang bold fragrance room deodorizer or commercial cat repellent near the chair. Make sure you use a bold deodorizer so you can effectively drive your cat away from your precious furniture.

Place the approved scratched post in a location where the smell factor is neutral and where there’s some privacy so your cat can sneak up on the post as a pretend prey. Don’t throw away any scratching posts that appear to be worn out.

What you can do instead is place a new post near any old posts until your cat starts using the new one. Old posts are only to be discarded when the new ones are showing some wear.

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