Cat Training in Ten Minutes: Fact or Fiction?

May 12, 2019

in Cat Care

by TJ Lashley

Really? Cat training in ten minutes? You are kidding right? Cat training is crucial to the proper development of your cat and in order to maintain control of your own home. While you may have a wild kitty, thinking that you are going to be able to complete cat training in ten minutes is simply not a reality. Cat training in 10 minutes just isn’t going to happen. Learning how to cat care and to guide your cat into the behavior you want takes practice and consistency.

Proper cat training requires consistent work with your cat and continual reinforcement. Without these two components, teaching your cat the fundamentals of good behavior, simply will not happen. There aren’t any magic tricks or training in ten minutes. There are however ways to speed up good training. These are known as training aids and are like the yellow lines on the road or the sidewalks in the park. They keep your cat on the right path to grade-A behavior! These training aids are as followed.

It is vital to curb your cat’s wild and hyper behavior and one of the key ways to do so, is to make sure that they are getting enough exercise. Most cats adore items like soft balls of yarn. Cats are playful by nature and kittens like to play with just anything, so make sure you accommodate them. Be smart and avoid having them play with fragile or especially small items. This makes yarns or soft balls the perfect solution. You might even find that your older cats enjoy playing with similar items.

Cat are great at tricks! So take the time to teach your cat a few. Many cats can learn to fetch and even shake hands. If you are going to teach your cat some tricks, be sure to be consistent in training and to reinforce them with lost of positive encouragement. Treats are a great way to make this happen. Remember to reward your cat for a positive action. Cat treats are wonderful rewards and will make your cat much more willing to participate in cat training.

Much like kids, cats will occasionally get into a fight. So what should you do? Well, a little spray of water is an easy solution. Spraying the battling cats with water when they act out with undesired behavior will eventually reinforce your message of “knock it off”. The light water spay is a harmless way to train your cat; after all, have you ever known a cat that loved water?

Your local pet store will have a well thought out selection of cat training aids and even though none of them can guarantee cat training in ten minutes, they certainly can be a part of your care care training box. So whether you decide to pick up a scratching post, a fancy litter box, a toilet training tool, or a variety of other cat toys, make a trip to the pet store so that you have items on hand that can help you with cat training.

Over night cat training is not going to happen. It takes consistency and patience to make training a daily part of your routine cat care. Remember, you are the boss…so teaching your cat how you want her to behave will take some time, but whether this cat training takes 10 minutes or 10 weeks, it is most definitely worth your time.

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