Cat Trees: A Way To Keep Your Cat Happy Physically And Mentally

February 12, 2010

in Cats

Cat trees are a worthwhile addition to a home with a cat in it as these trees help in creating a mental stability and they ensure that the cat gets to remain physically more active and of course they will also have something to keep them amused. It also means less chance of the cat becoming bored from being confined indoors with nothing to do for lengthy periods of time. Cats, when left indoors do not have much to be amused with and this leads to mental stagnation and laziness which is why these trees are so useful because they offer a chance to stimulate the cat’s mind and body.

Cat trees can serve a very important purpose in that it can get the cat to satisfy their curiosity. The trees offer the cat a chance to climb up to different heights and there may be a few hidden spots that cats can find and amuse themselves with. In addition these trees provide an opportunity for cats to chase and climb as well as even scratch. If you own a pet then you must ensure that you provide proper ambiance to help your cat get the right amount of exercise.

Unlike humans, cats never need any outside motivation to do their exercises. As a matter of fact, if the surrounding is proper and the conditions cats will love to exercise which is why adding a cat tree and even a cat condo ensures the right conditions and the proper surroundings in which to exercise. Mostly, cat owners tend to leave their pets on their own by going out to work or for a variety of reasons.

By themselves, cats will start feeling very lonely and will soon succumb to boredom which leads to certain psychological disorders. Rather than allow this to happen it is necessary to provide the right environment for the cat and one option is to keep a second cat. The other is to provide a tree for the cat which helps to give the cat something to do and play with and in this way ensures that they get necessary exercise and do not become bored.

A tree for your cat helps to give your cat a chance to do regular exercising and this in turn means that your cat will benefit in a number of ways. For example, the cat who exercises regularly will not become obese which in turn helps to prolong their lifespan. In addition, their coats will turn shinier and their eyes will shine more brightly ‘ and these two signs indicate that your cat is in good physical and mental health.

If you keep two or more cats you need not worry about purchasing additional cat trees because if you pick a tree that is sufficiently big you can in this way give each cat a chance to climb and play on the tree at the same time that the other cats are playing on the tree.

With hiding areas on a cat’s tree your cat will get a better opportunity to have more fun. It also helps to pick a tree that has nap spots and scratching posts and it also pays to provide the cat with toys that they can chase up as well as down.

Cat’s trees are available in sizes and different shapes and so finding a suitable one for your cat will not be difficult.

Cat tree furniture specifically a cat scratching tree can be used to help to make your cat mentally more stable and in addition it helps the cat get some physical activity that will amuse them and which helps to relieve the tedium of being trapped indoors for extended periods of time.

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